We are spending so much time outside these days, its awesome.  Charlie is in his element, and Sammy is learning to like it a little more.


IMG_9459.jpg IMG_9477.jpg

The tricycle he got for Christmas is still a little bit too big- but those feet that don’t quite reach the pedals and instead scoot around on the ground are pretty cute. He’s so determined!


IMG_9495.jpg IMG_9496.jpg


Puddle jumping! And of course, the froggie rain boots that he wears all. the. time. were nowhere to be found for this activity, when they would actually have been useful! But you can bet he’ll ask to wear them outside (with his pajamas) when the sun is shining.

Meanwhile- here’s Sammy:
Sleeping, watching her brother, eating her hands- that about sums up her typical day :)

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same couch, same pjs, different baby

IMG_3914 IMG_9417.jpg

IMG_3907 IMG_9421.jpg

Charlie on the left (at about 6 mo old) and Sammy on the right (4 months).  So much alike!  And because Sammy wasn’t giving her biggest smile:
They have the same grin too :)

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Sammy at 3 months

Three months feels like a BIG milestone. I read somewhere there is a missing “fourth trimester” (I know that’s stupid but go with it)- another huge phase of development that happens in the first three months after a baby is born. And I get it: at first they’re these little beings who can’t stay awake for more than 20 minutes at a time, and want milk but aren’t very good at eating, and cry for reasons you don’t understand. In three months they transform into slightly bigger little beings who can stay awake for hours when you least expect it, and can suck down a bottle (and sometimes still cry for reasons you don’t understand. But they have such personality while they are doing it!)

Smiley Sammy today!

Samantha is a happy, smiley 3 month old. I would brag about how well she is sleeping, but every time I do that she has a night or two where she gives me a run for my money. So I will keep my mouth shut and hope she sleeps like an angel tonight :) 

{fluffy post-bath hair}

I think her favorite thing right now is to watch her big brother. It is a lot easier to keep her entertained than it was to keep C entertained at this same age. Sometimes he will shake her rattle or show her his cars or something, and sometimes she enjoys it when I just hold her and we chase around after him. Actually that happens a lot. She never took a paci but in the last couple of weeks she has found her thumb and is much more content! She is fascinated by lights and the sound of daddy’s voice. She hates bathtime and when we put her in the carseat (sorry girly, sometimes we have to do those things).  She weighed 11 lbs at her two month doctor’s appointment, and I think she is somewhere in the 12.5 to 13 lb range now.  So big!


We still haven’t landed on one name: sometimes she is Sammy and sometimes its Samantha. (Or “baby sister”). No matter what we all love her to pieces. Its funny- three months have flown by but its also hard to remember a time before she was part of our family!

“There was a time before me?! Impossible.”

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my girl.




I lay next to her at nap time the other day, thinking no one has ever looked this sweet and peaceful.  I tried to memorize everything about her- the sweet apple scent of her hair, her delicate eye lashes, the bumps across the bridge of her nose (even baby acne is cute).  In some ways she is so much like her big brother I feel like I’m in a time warp- lying next to her it could be 2 years ago, lying next to him and thinking the same things.  Now he’s a busy, smart, loving and energetic two year old.  Makes me realize just how quickly time goes!


(Mommy was taking pictures so he got out his camera too!  He has a very photogenic subject- see below :)



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some randomness from the past few days


We got a little toy- a fisheye lens for the iPhone.  It was fun to play with but we decided not to keep it.  Too much chance of it breaking with these two around.  And, let’s be honest, their klutzy mama doesn’t help matters.


Life is never dull around here.  In fact I think this is the hardest job I have ever had.  People tried to prepare me when I was pregnant, but it was hard to even imagine until I had two little people screaming for my attention- for different things of course!  We are slowly figuring out ways to get along.  Charlie does better on days where he still gets some one on one time.  And fortunately Sammy naps really well in the Moby wrap (side note: I was a little skeptical of it at first, but its the best!  My family laughed at me the first time I put it on (and that is quite a process) but she stays all happy snuggled up in there and its kind of like I’m still pregnant).  So Charlie and I play trains or planes or automobiles while she is sleeping and then he’s usually ok when she wakes up and needs me.  Some days still require whatever Disney Junior show he’s into at the moment- he loves those days :)  Yesterday was a monumental first around here: I got Charlie to take a nap.  VICTORY!  And Samantha and I were able to nap at the same time.  And that was my biggest accomplishment this week, by far.



Hard to believe, but this sweet smiling face will cry for hours in the late evening.  And she can’t sleep unless someone is holding her (so she’s basically lying on her belly).  I’m cutting dairy out of my diet this week and praying that will make a difference for her. Poor babe.

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

Sorry there are so many of these pictures- but their funny faces after bath time last night were cracking us up! You can see Charlie wasn’t quite ready for bed. He still had plenty of energy!

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baking cookies

A couple of days before Christmas, Mimi and I tried to bake sugar cookies with the kids.  As Charlie said, “I like sugar!”





The finished product. Awesome.

I didn’t get a picture of him just eating the colored sugar crystals straight off the spoon, but that happened! (And I wonder why he won’t take a nap some days?) This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions, and I can’t wait until next year when I will have two little helpers!

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happy 2014!

No resolutions this year. I’m typing this standing up while jiggling (that’s a word, right?) Sammy, so its safe to say that any lofty goals for 2014 are out of the question. But I did start keeping a little “best of my days” journal where I’m writing down sweet little moments from each day or funny things Charlie says (the kid is hilarious). Its a nice reminder that there are perfect moments all the time; even when the days sometimes feel like a train wreck.

“I hope that in the year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, and changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before and more importantly, you’re doing something. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough or it isn’t perfect. Whatever it is: art, love, work, family, or life, whatever it is you’re scared of doing, do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”
{I don’t know the original source to give credit, but I love the sentiment too much not to share!}

This cute little outfit came from my aunt and uncle, and I thought it looked perfect for New Year’s. It’s like a chic little baby tuxedo :) Samantha looks cute in anything but I had to get some pictures of her looking so posh to kick off the year. Happy 2014! May it be a wonderful year.


Guys, what’s going on here?

Allright, let’s just get this over with…

That's her vest behind her- looks like angel wings.  :)
And later when I was changing her, she even gave me a hint of a smile. She gives a lot of smiles these days!  Capturing them is difficult though!

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