last day of preschool

The preschool Charlie went to this year did a pretty cute “promotion ceremony” for all of the kids. First there was a little thing in his preschool classroom where we got a book of a bunch of different projects they had completed throughout the year:

Then there was a ceremony in the gym (with lots of singing!).  C was fascinated by the girl next to him.  Afterwards we tried our luck with some group pictures but didn’t have much luck.  Apparently C was sulking.  He didn’t want to preschool to end (and neither did I!)  He is moving to a different school, much closer to our house, next fall.  We’re all a little sad about that because JPP was so good to us!





IMG_3519 IMG_0085

IMG_3517  IMG_0090


And just for fun a little first day of school/last day of school picture comparison.  He’s changed a lot!  Bring on summer!!!



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a few favorites

Today was “Muffins with Mom” day at Charlie’s preschool.  I took him to school and got to stay and play for a little while.  I saw Charlie’s favorite toy at school (a plane, not surprising), heard him sing songs and listen to a story, and of course, had a muffin (which he didn’t eat- no surprise there either!) They had made cute little presents: an angel necklace and this “I love you” canvas.  Such a sweet day!

Muffins with mom at preschool today!  So much fun.  #yesiamfiveyearsold
I love that I am five years old in Charlie’s mind. And I’m not sure where the favorite food came from, C has never had a hot dog.

Meanwhile, these two…

they’re just awesome.

IMG_9573.jpg IMG_9571.jpg
And big brother hugs? LOVE.

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outside with Charlie

I posted this on instagram and should have titled it “Charlie’s favorite things”.  He’s obsessed with those boots!  And he starts asking, “Can we go outside now?” the minute his feet touch the floor in the morning. This is sometimes a little difficult to manage with Sammy, feedings, etc. but I would so much rather he be asking to go outside than the dreaded, “Can I just watch something?”

Untitled Untitled

Fishing at the Children’s Museum the other day.  We had a really great time with one of his little friends, and then he actually took a nap (without a fight!) when we got home.  Yay!  We may go to the museum every day :)

Untitled Untitled
IMG_9830.jpg IMG_9825.jpg
IMG_9587.jpg IMG_9582.jpg

He loves music and singing, and for whatever reason he calls all instruments “trumpets”.  Maybe he will grow up and play the trumpet some day.   My favorite song that he sings these days is Jesus Loves the Little Children: instead of the line, “all the children of the world” he sings “Oh my goodness of the world!”  Ha.


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Easter out takes

Ummm, hello? The line is blue. Someone should probably change this diaper.

He’s smiling so sweetly; he didn’t even see the drool coming.

His cheesy grin, she’s falling.

IMG_9765.jpg IMG_9757.jpg
Jelly bean bribery for big brother. And a little sister who really wants in on that.

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Easter bunnies

We celebrated Easter with an egg hunt at Charlie’s preschool, and another one at Mimi & Bops.  We dyed Easter eggs and made a bunny cake.  Then the Easter bunny dropped off baskets on the doorstep!

Sammy says, “Its cold out here guys!”


IMG_9616.jpg IMG_9620.jpg
IMG_9634.jpg IMG_9636.jpg
The outdoor egg hunt at his school was pretty chilly.  He also only picked up ONE egg.  In spite of encouragement from Uncle Bri, Mommy and Daddy… he just watched the other kids gather up all of the rest of the eggs.  Meanwhile, Mimi snagged some more eggs from another stash and threw them in his basket.



IMG_9798.jpg IMG_9806.jpg
IMG_9820.jpg IMG_9821.jpg

And a few posed Easter pictures, because they were both looking too cute:


IMG_9768.jpg IMG_9750.jpg


My fave! It looks like she wants to hug him!

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We are spending so much time outside these days, its awesome.  Charlie is in his element, and Sammy is learning to like it a little more.


IMG_9459.jpg IMG_9477.jpg

The tricycle he got for Christmas is still a little bit too big- but those feet that don’t quite reach the pedals and instead scoot around on the ground are pretty cute. He’s so determined!


IMG_9495.jpg IMG_9496.jpg


Puddle jumping! And of course, the froggie rain boots that he wears all. the. time. were nowhere to be found for this activity, when they would actually have been useful! But you can bet he’ll ask to wear them outside (with his pajamas) when the sun is shining.

Meanwhile- here’s Sammy:
Sleeping, watching her brother, eating her hands- that about sums up her typical day :)

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same couch, same pjs, different baby

IMG_3914 IMG_9417.jpg

IMG_3907 IMG_9421.jpg

Charlie on the left (at about 6 mo old) and Sammy on the right (4 months).  So much alike!  And because Sammy wasn’t giving her biggest smile:
They have the same grin too :)

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