Starting this blog was my new year’s resolution for 2011.  I wanted to have a record of sorts of my pregnancy & the new baby.  So now that a full year has passed and the ‘new baby’ is 5 months old, I guess its time to start it!  Before Charlie I had the time, but didn’t have much to post (thankfully we had a pretty uneventful pregnancy).  After Charlie I had lots to say and even more pictures, but precious little time.  Go figure.

Since were well into January, I’ll start with Christmas.  (logically?)

Santa brought some new toys.  Most of the new toys make noise.  Luckily he still needs mama to turn them on.

Christmas eve, Brandon took Charlie to his family’s celebration (I worked. sad.)  I heard it was lots of people, chaos & fun.  When we all got home we hung up our stockings and Brandon read The Night Before Christmas.  So happy we have some Christmas traditions.  Another one I plan to start- opening pajamas on Christmas eve.  This year we already had two pairs (spoiled little boy), so giving him another pair seemed like overkill.

Christmas day we did Santa presents and stockings, then lounged around for a while before going to my parents for more presents and Christmas dinner.  Just the three of us in the morning… perfect.  A few pictures from the day…


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