Cry It Out night #1

I didn’t want to let him cry it out.  In fact we were getting pretty good at soothing Charlie to sleep.  He just has a terrible habit of waking up 30 min to an hour after we put him in bed and needing to be put back down again.  Then the cycle repeats, taking longer and longer each time.  Yikes!  That, combined with being up in the middle of the night 2-3 times to eat (and same thing there, it takes longer and longer to get him back down each time), was making me a little caraaazzzyyy.

All that to say, last night was night #1 of “crying it out” here in the Blakely household.  1 hour and 36 minutes of crying, but who’s counting?  Best part was that he only woke up one other time between then and 7 AM this morning.

And he was the same sweet baby this morning.



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