some firsts (mostly fun, one terrible awful)

We’ve been busy since I last posted… Charlie and I made some sweet Valentine’s (his first craft!).  Quite messy, even after I stripped him down and put him the bumbo.  If you didn’t know a 6 month old was crafting with red paint… it would have looked like a bloodbath.


(From the bottom of my heart… to the tips of my toes… Happy Valentine’s Day!  Love, Charlie)

We started Kindermusik last week.. he likes some of the activities but mostly he loves to watch the other babies.  I think its good for him to see other people his size!

(I love these jammies.  Don’t know why, they just suit him?)

I’ve been working a lot… in fact it was just the boys from Friday-Monday.  So of course Charlie said “mama” for the first time on Sunday!  It is in no way associated with me though, apparently he thinks it means “pick me up”.  So most of the time it is “ah-mamama” and he sticks his chubby little hands out!

We had our first snow of the year on Sunday night… it was maybe half an inch?  I did take him outside in the morning and let him sit in the cold stuff… he certainly wasn’t impressed.

Didn’t get any Charlie pictures (it was really pretty falling, but it didn’t even cover all the brown grass… so not so great for photos!)  Instead I took C’s photo with these snowflakes.

{That last one he was done with pictures.  It was time to read eat books!}

And the last first… a big tumble.  On my watch.  I was sitting right there.  (Oh the guilt, I still feel sick…)  He bonked his head pretty hard, but seems to be fine.  My little trooper.  Plus Brandon says that hard heads are a Blakely family trait 🙂

In happier news, this is my first full weekend off since the start of the year!  Yay.

(We have to spend at least part of it looking for new cars.  Boo.)


10 on (february) 10

The 10 on 10 project is about finding the beauty in the everyday.  And I decided to give it a try because how fun will it be to look back in a few months (or years even!) and see what a typical day looked like for us?  Even more so since Charlie was born on the tenth, so each month it will be his “birthday”.  This is what Charlie’s 6 month birthday looked like around here…

Entertaining himself (sort of) while I got ready

Daddy bundling him up… off to the doctor

Tweety bird bandaids (because did I mention the four shots??!)

These are some of the things we have been reading lately… we like a little variety ’round here 🙂

I’m not feeling great, so I have been trying to shield him from my germs.  But it is hard to resist kissing the top of this little head!

Rainbow of cloth diapers

We took a walk… bundled up because winter has finally arrived.

This is my view while we walk.  Love seeing those little feet kicking.

Happy Valentine’s mantel

An orange is something new.  It required full concentration.  (Lots of drool too… he ate & we changed into clean, dry pajamas shortly after this!)

And that was the tenth at the Blakelys.

ten on ten button

Happy half birthday!

Charlie is 6 months old today!  And to mark this special occasion, he earned a trip to the doctor, four shots and one oral vaccine.  (4 shots???  What do we do to these little guys?)

He weighed in at 15 lbs, 6 oz (15th percentile), length was 26.5 inches (50th), and his head circumference was 17.25 (50th).  And developmentally he is right where he should be… sitting up by himself, using both hands, able to grab small objects with his fingers.  When he sees something he wants, he can dive bomb out of your arms to grab it.  He rolls and scoots with his belly still on the floor.  So even though he is not crawling, he can’t be counted on to stay in one place anymore!

He is very vocal but is not saying anything recognizable yet (like dada, baba, etc.)  Loves the alphabet song.  Rice cereal is the current house speciality and we are introducing some fruits and veggies.  So far he has had carrots, sweet potato, squash, peas, avacado and bananas.  We are making some of our own baby foods (the easy stuff like banana and sweet potato anyway).  Its fun to see him looking so big in his high chair, and sometimes he will even stay in it long enough for us to eat some/all of our meal as well!  No teeth yet, but Charlie is the king of drool.

Favorite toys are the ball-popper-thing, exersaucer, his own feet and anyone’s cell phone/necklace/earrings.  We started putting him in his Jump-N-Jive and he loves that and looks like he is dancing a jig.  Very cute.  These are some out takes from his weekly photos the other day..


fun sports Sunday.

This guy was ready to party yesterday…

okaaay, so maybe he doesn’t look it there.  But he did great.  Grammy, Grampa, Uncle Brian and Aunt Katelin all came over in the afternoon.  And except for one brief minute when he first woke up from his nap and Kate’s loud voice scared him, he was a champ.  (Even during the loud cheering against Duke… no fussing.  Only Katelin’s voice was upsetting; he knows how to make his auntie feel loved.)

Then we went to our neighbor’s Superbowl party (I don’t have any pics, but he did an outfit change… into a cute football sleeper of course).  He was fascinated by the older kids who were there, and Brandon and I felt like we were getting a little peek into what he’ll be like at this time next year.  Running in circles, crazy, fun!

He finished off the evening with a little rice cereal.  What more can a boy ask for?

Well, some brownies.  He really wanted to eat some off my plate earlier.

sleeping like a baby?

I shouldn’t complain.  After just a couple of nights of crying it out (which was torture for all involved, including my mom- who wasn’t even there, but I was sending distressed/desperate texts!) he has only been waking 1-2 times during the night.  A definite improvement!  I know he will catch on to sleeping through the night eventually.  And when that happens, I may even miss our calm, cuddly nighttime ritual!  During the day he is constant motion.  Doesn’t want to waste very much time eating, never wants to go down for his nap, and why would he??  Playing is so much more fun!!  So, when he wakes up to eat in the middle of the night but is still half-asleep, content to just be in mama’s arms… I am trying to savor those moments. 

He doesn’t stay like this for very long…

Its usually more like this…

and this…

and this!!