fun sports Sunday.

This guy was ready to party yesterday…

okaaay, so maybe he doesn’t look it there.  But he did great.  Grammy, Grampa, Uncle Brian and Aunt Katelin all came over in the afternoon.  And except for one brief minute when he first woke up from his nap and Kate’s loud voice scared him, he was a champ.  (Even during the loud cheering against Duke… no fussing.  Only Katelin’s voice was upsetting; he knows how to make his auntie feel loved.)

Then we went to our neighbor’s Superbowl party (I don’t have any pics, but he did an outfit change… into a cute football sleeper of course).  He was fascinated by the older kids who were there, and Brandon and I felt like we were getting a little peek into what he’ll be like at this time next year.  Running in circles, crazy, fun!

He finished off the evening with a little rice cereal.  What more can a boy ask for?

Well, some brownies.  He really wanted to eat some off my plate earlier.

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