Happy half birthday!

Charlie is 6 months old today!  And to mark this special occasion, he earned a trip to the doctor, four shots and one oral vaccine.  (4 shots???  What do we do to these little guys?)

He weighed in at 15 lbs, 6 oz (15th percentile), length was 26.5 inches (50th), and his head circumference was 17.25 (50th).  And developmentally he is right where he should be… sitting up by himself, using both hands, able to grab small objects with his fingers.  When he sees something he wants, he can dive bomb out of your arms to grab it.  He rolls and scoots with his belly still on the floor.  So even though he is not crawling, he can’t be counted on to stay in one place anymore!

He is very vocal but is not saying anything recognizable yet (like dada, baba, etc.)  Loves the alphabet song.  Rice cereal is the current house speciality and we are introducing some fruits and veggies.  So far he has had carrots, sweet potato, squash, peas, avacado and bananas.  We are making some of our own baby foods (the easy stuff like banana and sweet potato anyway).  Its fun to see him looking so big in his high chair, and sometimes he will even stay in it long enough for us to eat some/all of our meal as well!  No teeth yet, but Charlie is the king of drool.

Favorite toys are the ball-popper-thing, exersaucer, his own feet and anyone’s cell phone/necklace/earrings.  We started putting him in his Jump-N-Jive and he loves that and looks like he is dancing a jig.  Very cute.  These are some out takes from his weekly photos the other day..



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