10 on (february) 10

The 10 on 10 project is about finding the beauty in the everyday.  And I decided to give it a try because how fun will it be to look back in a few months (or years even!) and see what a typical day looked like for us?  Even more so since Charlie was born on the tenth, so each month it will be his “birthday”.  This is what Charlie’s 6 month birthday looked like around here…

Entertaining himself (sort of) while I got ready

Daddy bundling him up… off to the doctor

Tweety bird bandaids (because did I mention the four shots??!)

These are some of the things we have been reading lately… we like a little variety ’round here 🙂

I’m not feeling great, so I have been trying to shield him from my germs.  But it is hard to resist kissing the top of this little head!

Rainbow of cloth diapers

We took a walk… bundled up because winter has finally arrived.

This is my view while we walk.  Love seeing those little feet kicking.

Happy Valentine’s mantel

An orange is something new.  It required full concentration.  (Lots of drool too… he ate & we changed into clean, dry pajamas shortly after this!)

And that was the tenth at the Blakelys.

ten on ten button


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