some firsts (mostly fun, one terrible awful)

We’ve been busy since I last posted… Charlie and I made some sweet Valentine’s (his first craft!).  Quite messy, even after I stripped him down and put him the bumbo.  If you didn’t know a 6 month old was crafting with red paint… it would have looked like a bloodbath.


(From the bottom of my heart… to the tips of my toes… Happy Valentine’s Day!  Love, Charlie)

We started Kindermusik last week.. he likes some of the activities but mostly he loves to watch the other babies.  I think its good for him to see other people his size!

(I love these jammies.  Don’t know why, they just suit him?)

I’ve been working a lot… in fact it was just the boys from Friday-Monday.  So of course Charlie said “mama” for the first time on Sunday!  It is in no way associated with me though, apparently he thinks it means “pick me up”.  So most of the time it is “ah-mamama” and he sticks his chubby little hands out!

We had our first snow of the year on Sunday night… it was maybe half an inch?  I did take him outside in the morning and let him sit in the cold stuff… he certainly wasn’t impressed.

Didn’t get any Charlie pictures (it was really pretty falling, but it didn’t even cover all the brown grass… so not so great for photos!)  Instead I took C’s photo with these snowflakes.

{That last one he was done with pictures.  It was time to read eat books!}

And the last first… a big tumble.  On my watch.  I was sitting right there.  (Oh the guilt, I still feel sick…)  He bonked his head pretty hard, but seems to be fine.  My little trooper.  Plus Brandon says that hard heads are a Blakely family trait 🙂

In happier news, this is my first full weekend off since the start of the year!  Yay.

(We have to spend at least part of it looking for new cars.  Boo.)


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