Charlie’s army crawl

He’s getting good at it!

Sidenote- I know you’re all jealous of my new rug… it’s educational chic.


on the move! and a fun Friday.

Friday was fun!  He showed Brian all of his new tricks.


And had some playtime with this little cutie.

Umm, mostly independent play.  She had her feet.  He had her toys 🙂


Also he’s on the MOVE!  Army crawling with his belly on the floor… and the things that motivate him to move- the remote, cell phones, and the ipad.  He won’t crawl toward his actual toys.  Guess he figures someone will give him those toys eventually?  But no one is going to hand him the ipad.  (And he’s right.  Smart boy.)

And these are just some cute photos of him in his overalls 🙂


I just looked back through these pictures- and apparently I like my boy in blue and white!  I’ll have to go get him a red t-shirt or something

10 on (march) 10

We had a very nice weekend.  Even managed to take Charlie to the playground (there’s a baby swing) and soak up a little vitamin D on Sunday!  It’s been a mild winter but I’m still ready for spring.

This was our Saturday, Charlie’s 7 month birthday.

Playing on the floor.

Charlie loves all things electronic (remotes, cell phones..) but his favorite is the ipad- he will try to dive out of your arms or climb up on your lap just to get his favorite new toy.  Hilarious.


He’s ticklish now, and Brandon loves to torture him!

Pureed bananas.  Yum.

Grammy, Brian and Katelin came over to watch a little basketball.

Charlie was showing off his Carolina pride.  And wild hair.

The three of us went for a walk while the others watched basketball Duke lose.  We made it back for the last 2 minutes of the game- that’s the best time to watch!

Rubber duckie collection.  And I was going to take a picture at bathtime but I forgot.  So technically its only 9 on 10.


ten on ten button

daddy love.

I love love that Charlie said “mama” first… I still think that my heart will burst every time he says it.  (Even though its never directed to me!)

But this little boy…

is clearly a daddy’s boy.  Big grins when daddy walks in the door.  Belly laughing when daddy tickles him with his whiskers.  Loved watching basketball and playing on the floor with his favorite person all weekend, I’m sure.

Who says you have to crawl before you can walk? (don’t worry Nana and Grammy… Brandon was right there ready to catch him…)

He’s so fun right now.  I love 6 months!  Finally in a most-of-the-time routine.  Still a cuddly baby but so very energetic and fun!

Very very energetic… I’m off to take a nap 🙂