on the move! and a fun Friday.

Friday was fun!  He showed Brian all of his new tricks.


And had some playtime with this little cutie.

Umm, mostly independent play.  She had her feet.  He had her toys 🙂


Also he’s on the MOVE!  Army crawling with his belly on the floor… and the things that motivate him to move- the remote, cell phones, and the ipad.  He won’t crawl toward his actual toys.  Guess he figures someone will give him those toys eventually?  But no one is going to hand him the ipad.  (And he’s right.  Smart boy.)

And these are just some cute photos of him in his overalls 🙂


I just looked back through these pictures- and apparently I like my boy in blue and white!  I’ll have to go get him a red t-shirt or something

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