8 months

My sweet Charlie- At 8 months, you are doing something new every time we turn around. Sometimes quite literally!  It was just about a week ago that you were starting to pull up to stand.  Practicing mostly in your crib while you were supposed to be napping, of course.  I wasn’t thrilled with your chosen practice time but you were always so proud of yourself when you managed to stand that it was hard to do anything but grin right along with you.

See what I mean?  How could you not smile at that sweet face?

This week you pop up with ease and can even do laps of baby shuffle steps around your crib.  And you like to bang on the top rail if mama isn’t coming in to see you fast enough.  In fact you are pulling up on every thing.  There was one day last week where I swear you were trying to show me all of the things we still needed to babyproof!  You demonstrated that you could crawl into the kitchen, open a few of the cabinet doors, pull the baby monitor down off the shelf, climb into the laundry basket, and on and on… I was tired that night!

You love to open those cabinets and its the perfect height to practice those pull ups!  You haven’t discovered all of the wires back there yet, so the tv stand is still on our list to “Charlie-proof”

I posted a video and have taken lots of pictures of you “on the move”.  Your fastest way to get around is still the army crawl, but you can do a regular crawl too.  And you are starting to get the hang of transferring from standing to sitting and from sitting to lying on your belly without faceplanting in the process.  I never thought about how complicated all of these things were before watching you learn them.

You are still eating mostly rice cereal and pureed fruits and vegetables (favorites: sweet potatoes and prunes, least fav: green beans, peas) but we did offer you a few Cheerios recently.  Dumped a whole handful on your tray after dinner, and you knocked them all off your tray without getting a single one into your mouth.  (This is when we need a dog)  Daddy finally put one into your mouth for you and you made the funniest face!  You weren’t sure what to make of this new thing- it’s not pureed!  How do I eat this?  Still no teeth.  Its almost comical at this point!  Every few weeks for months now either your dad or I will become convinced that you are teething.  But we’re always wrong, you just drool A LOT!

Teething biscuits can be messy!

You have some favorite toys now.  Your nana was so impressed that you could pull the lever on the see-n-say all by yourself.  You also love your red racecar, especially the noise it makes when it gets stuck.  But mostly in our house, you are the entertainment.  You blow raspberries and make funny faces, and we get so excited whenever you crawl or pull up or make your first attempt at something… it is such a fun time.  The only problem is we are having trouble keeping up.  You can crawl and pull up and cruise around now… but that’s it for a while right?  Don’t take off running next week or anything, OK?


One more request: let your eighth month be the month of nighttime sleep!  I shouldn’t complain, we have come soo far.  But 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep would be magnificent, my little peanut 🙂

Love, mama


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