Easter bunny

My adorable little Easter bunny.



He’s probably going to hate us later for all the ways we tortured him, but doesn’t he make the cutest bunny?

He has an adorable little Easter basket… (its 90 years old!  It was my grandfather’s Easter basket- so it was passed from one Charles to another… how cool is that??)

It doesn’t fit very much: a cute bunny sippy cup and some musical eggs.  But the Bunny also brought this



Our first some assembly required toy!  It’s a little ride-on or push car.  Charlie loves it.  He was so excited he did the splits.. see the underexposed, way too dark photo above.  Ha!

I actually worked Sunday, but the bunny knew to deliver here a couple of days early.  We also went to my parents, where Charlie got some more presents and more attention then he knew what to do with.  He was such a ham!

Hope you all had a very happy Easter!



One thought on “Easter bunny

  1. What a cute bunny! He’s got huge, beautiful eyes. I recognize that basket– definitely fitting to pass it on from big Charles to little Charles. 🙂

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