weekly photos

We have been taking photos of Charlie every week since he was born.  I had seen lots of cool ideas for tracking growth (thank you, pinterest!)

from here

and here


but this was my favorite.  So this is the style we are imitating… (our photos don’t look nearly this good though!)

I can’t wait to see all of the photos put together in a flip book sort of thing at 1 year old!  BUT… what I didn’t count on… how difficult it would be to get my little model to cooperate for a photo now that he can move!  This was last weeks attempt.  (With both Brandon & I there, I might add!  Its even harder when I try to take it all by myself!)  We may have to change course…

We start out with a white onesie and a little patience while mommy sets things up..

you want to take my picture AGAIN, crazy lady?

then we lay him down…


and try to wrangle/bribe/cajole him into giving us that gummy smile




we usually take about 30 pictures… hoping to end up with one where he is holding still enough, hasn’t twisted the fabric all around himself and (ideally) is looking at the camera!

this was last week (not sure if that’s the picture we will use, but its cute).  I’m going to try this week’s photo tomorrow, wish me luck!



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