9 months!

Charlie’s 9 month “birthday” was actually a couple of weeks ago.  That meant a check-up- no shots this time though!  Charlie really did well at the doctor, but he is a lot fiestier than he was a few months ago.  Didn’t want to be put on the scale, or have his ears checked (who could blame him?)  He has so much more personality now!

The stats: at 9 months he weighs 17 lbs, 3 oz. (10th percentile) and is 27.5 inches long (25%), his head circumference is 17.5 (I don’t know what percentile that is, but probably no one cares).  I thought maybe the doctor would be concerned that he had started in the 50th % for weight and has steadily fallen on the growth curve.  Brandon & I know he eats plenty and is a healthy growing boy, but we just weren’t sure what what she would say.  Within seconds of her coming into the room, C gave her that big grin and she said, “Well, its easy to see he is doing well!”  Yay for happy babies.  He is also right on track developmentally.  And something new last week: he started waving!  Just occassionally when you wave at him, but its very cute. He sort of twirls his hand around like a Miss America wave.  (Sorry babe, if you are reading this.  Its a very masculine Mr. America wave 🙂

Food wise, he is starting to try some of the stage 3 foods which have more texture.  You might think would be hard to do with no teeth, but at a birthday party last weekend he had two big chunks of watermelon and loved it- he just chomped away!  He does fruit, Cheerios, puffs.. we have tried a few dairy things but he breaks out in a rash across chin and cheeks.  No other problems (itching, hives, etc) so it just seems like a skin reaction.  No more yogurt for C for now though, too bad.

(Beets + baby = big mess.  But apparently beets are very tasty, at least in combos)

This is Brandon’s favorite recent series of pictures…  1. Look at me dad!  I’m pushing it backwards!  2.  Oh, I’m not supposed to do that?  3.  ahhh, this doesn’t usually happen.  4. Crash!!

This is still the favorite toy.  And he loves to come at you, full force, sometimes squealing the whole way!!  Baby CHARGE!  When he runs into the wall or a piece of furniture he will just keep shaking the push toy, trying to get it to go, until someone comes to rescue him.  So you can imagine how we spend our days around here. 🙂

In general though he is getting very steady on his feet.  He can push the toy by himself (until he gets it stuck) and took his first solo steps earlier this week!  Walking at 9.5 months, oh my.  I love seeing all the new things he can do.  He keeps us on our toes, for sure.



He took his first steps Monday!  I think… He may or may not have actually walked over the weekend.  But if its a lie, Brandon, thank you.  I like that we were both there for those first steps.  So this may be the best fib ever 🙂

Charlie had done this about 50 times for us before I broke out the video camera, so at that point it was a game.  And I’m not sure who was enjoying it more- Charlie or Brandon!

Mother’s Day 2012

My very first Mother’s Day.  And it was a good one.  The little one woke up at 6:15, and we had changed clothes twice and cleaned poop off the carpet before 7 am!  Sometimes you just have to laugh…


(We tried to eat breakfast outside but the little one was a little wiggly.  Brandon took these pics, then we went inside and stuck him in his high chair.)

It really was great though.  Brandon made me French toast, and I opened my present which was these adorable finger paintings on canvas that the boys made!  And then I got what I really wanted for Mother’s Day…. a NAP!

Those finger paintings have a prime spot up on the mantel right now 🙂  They may just be my favorite piece of art, ever.

I got presents, so Charlie got presents too.  We picked up this little water table for him to play with at mom and dad’s.

I love the last one… blowing raspberries!  He liked the water toy.  But he still loves his little walker.

Two of the cutest tushies ever.

Its really hard to push that toy in the grass…

…but he was determined…


Inserting this one as proof I was there too.  Embrace the camera!

We had dinner at my parents, which was delicious as always…. (London broil, mashed potatoes, salad, its making me hungry just thinking about it now!)  Charlie fell asleep in the car on the way home.  It was a perfect day!


We did have a very nice weekend and my first Mother’s Day was wonderful.  I’m going to post a bunch of pictures of that another day this week, because I think we got some great ones of C playing outside on Sunday. 

However, the weeks on either side of that wonderful weekend have been… challenging.  I worked a whole bunch of shifts in a row.  Something like 4 out of 5.  And yes, I am aware that normal people work 5 days in a row.  Normal people don’t have codes, dinging alarms they hear in their sleep, night shift, and oh yes, new parents trusting you to take care of their baby for the next 12 hours.  The days were difficult and I was not getting home until 9 at night, and Charlie was still awake… which I know is probably not the best plan but I do love to see him.  (As a side note I do not love that being awake that late usually makes him fussy… and he still wakes up in the middle of the night.)  (I know that I am the one to blame for the night wakings because I still feed him… he’s not going to stop now, “he has me trained”.  Brandon and the doctor agree on that point.  I try not to complain, and truly I don’t usually mind.  But its just that last week it was adding to my exhaustion.)

All this to say I was tired.  And cranky.  Just ask my husband.  I had lost my patience and perspective.  Then a few things happened to remind me… to slow down… and be thankful for my family because Brandon and Charlie are the greatest, be thankful for my job because I get to see miracles almost every day, be thankful for supportive family and friends because I am blessed.  A sweet family in the NICU, going through one the darkest times of their lives took the time to pray for the doctors and nurses… saying special things about everyone.  They were going through something no parent should have to face, and they were praying for us?  It was humbling.  I cried on the way home that night.  And I hugged my little guy a lot tighter that night.

I’m feeling better today, after my last two night shifts which always make me feel like a zombie.  The babies I have been worried about are, for the most part, doing better.  But as a parent, there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of losing a child.  As a nurse, there is nothing that makes me feel quite so helpless and frustrated as seeing it happen.  I’ve received some much needed perspective lately.  So I’m wishing I could do more, wishing I had better answers, and saying some prayers for patients and friends today…

randomness and a new hat

Panama Jack Charlie got a new hat this weekend.  Its adorable- I came home from work on Saturday and he came peeking around the corner, all ready for bed in his jammies and his new hat!

Coming home from work and seeing Charlie is the best thing ever, by the way.  He gives a huge grin and reaches out for whichever of us is walking in the door.  It’s a wonderful way to be greeted after a long day!

Funny face.


New jammies (fire trucks!) and a drum too.

He looks like a big boy here, only holding on to his toy with one hand (eep!) and wearing actual shoes.  Oh my.

So this last one is to remind me he’s still a little peanut.  Never strays too far from that paci.  Still no teeth, but lots of drool.  Kicks off the blankets and sleeps on top of them.  With his tush in the air 🙂


a family photo

A family photo: getting a nice one is more difficult than it seems!  We went to my parents for dinner on Sunday, and while my dad was in the midst of grilling I asked him to take some pictures of Brandon, Charlie & me.  Brandon had shaved, I had on make-up and Charlie’s shirt didn’t have any spit up on it, so we had about a half hour window in which to get a decent shot!  Lots of funny ones (I think the third one down is the best!), but in the end we have one I love as well.  Also I played around in Lightroom a little- still don’t have a clue what I’m doing so don’t judge me- but its really fun.  Wonderful way to waste what should have been a productive nap time.

I love them all, its so us at 9 months.  Thanks again Dad 🙂