randomness and a new hat

Panama Jack Charlie got a new hat this weekend.  Its adorable- I came home from work on Saturday and he came peeking around the corner, all ready for bed in his jammies and his new hat!

Coming home from work and seeing Charlie is the best thing ever, by the way.  He gives a huge grin and reaches out for whichever of us is walking in the door.  It’s a wonderful way to be greeted after a long day!

Funny face.


New jammies (fire trucks!) and a drum too.

He looks like a big boy here, only holding on to his toy with one hand (eep!) and wearing actual shoes.  Oh my.

So this last one is to remind me he’s still a little peanut.  Never strays too far from that paci.  Still no teeth, but lots of drool.  Kicks off the blankets and sleeps on top of them.  With his tush in the air 🙂



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