9 months!

Charlie’s 9 month “birthday” was actually a couple of weeks ago.  That meant a check-up- no shots this time though!  Charlie really did well at the doctor, but he is a lot fiestier than he was a few months ago.  Didn’t want to be put on the scale, or have his ears checked (who could blame him?)  He has so much more personality now!

The stats: at 9 months he weighs 17 lbs, 3 oz. (10th percentile) and is 27.5 inches long (25%), his head circumference is 17.5 (I don’t know what percentile that is, but probably no one cares).  I thought maybe the doctor would be concerned that he had started in the 50th % for weight and has steadily fallen on the growth curve.  Brandon & I know he eats plenty and is a healthy growing boy, but we just weren’t sure what what she would say.  Within seconds of her coming into the room, C gave her that big grin and she said, “Well, its easy to see he is doing well!”  Yay for happy babies.  He is also right on track developmentally.  And something new last week: he started waving!  Just occassionally when you wave at him, but its very cute. He sort of twirls his hand around like a Miss America wave.  (Sorry babe, if you are reading this.  Its a very masculine Mr. America wave 🙂

Food wise, he is starting to try some of the stage 3 foods which have more texture.  You might think would be hard to do with no teeth, but at a birthday party last weekend he had two big chunks of watermelon and loved it- he just chomped away!  He does fruit, Cheerios, puffs.. we have tried a few dairy things but he breaks out in a rash across chin and cheeks.  No other problems (itching, hives, etc) so it just seems like a skin reaction.  No more yogurt for C for now though, too bad.

(Beets + baby = big mess.  But apparently beets are very tasty, at least in combos)

This is Brandon’s favorite recent series of pictures…  1. Look at me dad!  I’m pushing it backwards!  2.  Oh, I’m not supposed to do that?  3.  ahhh, this doesn’t usually happen.  4. Crash!!

This is still the favorite toy.  And he loves to come at you, full force, sometimes squealing the whole way!!  Baby CHARGE!  When he runs into the wall or a piece of furniture he will just keep shaking the push toy, trying to get it to go, until someone comes to rescue him.  So you can imagine how we spend our days around here. 🙂

In general though he is getting very steady on his feet.  He can push the toy by himself (until he gets it stuck) and took his first solo steps earlier this week!  Walking at 9.5 months, oh my.  I love seeing all the new things he can do.  He keeps us on our toes, for sure.


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