Colorado trip- part 2 {the wedding!}

Trying out some looks:

These boys brought some North Carolina class to a mountain wedding.  And yes, I can say that even after the last picture of my son in a dress shirt and no pants, eating some puffs.  Because look at the sweater vest!  We are doing Roy Williams proud right here.

The wedding was sooo pretty.  Even though it got off to sort of a rough start, weather wise.

Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, right?!  Well, at least it is if it clears up just in time for the ceremony and ends up being gorgeous and sunny for the ceremony and pictures.

{This picture doesn’t do it justice.  Red bridesmaid dresses + sunflowers + lush green background= cheerful!  And they all had on different cowboy boots.  It was fun & happy, which seems so Lindsay!}

Cutest flower girl ever.

Cutest slightly noisy wedding guest ever.  No one sat in front of us.  Coincidence?!

I think not.

Happy newlyweds!

Then we attempted a multitude of photos:

Cousins shot!  (missing many but still cute)

Everyone was lookin’ good.  I didn’t get a picture but my uncle and Charlie had very similar, quite dashing hats.  And I loved my mom’s ensemble; not just because of the hot pink either. 

(The above photo cracks me up- looks like it was a stare down.  Wonder who won?)

And sad but true, this one is the best family photo I have.  And possibly one of the only ones that proves Katelin was even there?  I like that C’s belly is showing.  Keep it classy.

But on to some better photos:

(Love this!  I think Brandon needs it framed on his desk!)




(The best photo of the three of us is blurry!)




Toasts and dancin’

Sleepy baby.

sisters dancing!!!  (to “We are family” appropriately enough)

Charlie still passed out.  Brandon is such a good sport.

Then he woke up, raring to go!  So we didn’t stay all the way til the end.  But it was a wonderful wedding… congrats to the happy couple!


Colorado trip- part 1

Part one because we had so much fun, and took so many pictures, I don’t think they will all fit into one post!  We left Thursday morning, flew from Raleigh-Durham to Baltimore (no time for a crabcake sandwich at the airport, darn! though we did see they opened an Obrycki’s… next time, for sure!).  The first flight was an easy hour; we had three seats so we could let Charlie crawl around, it was perfect.  Then we flew from Baltimore to Denver.  4 looong hours later (C did take one nap, but it was far too short!) we landed.  And picked up our luggage, rental car and drove to my Aunt Kathy’s.  Whew, we made it!  Charlie met Nonny!  And Kathy had a cute push toy at her house which was awesome because he still had some energy to burn (I don’t know how, at this point I was exhausted!)

The next day, we went for a hike.  Well a “walk”, but us North Carolinians call any walk in the mountains a hike.

Charlie got to stretch his legs for a little bit.

Then he was carried (doesn’t look like he is enjoying it, but I think he was!)

The sky was a little threatening, but the scenery was beautiful.  Definitely the prettiest place I have ever had to stop and feed Charlie.

We went out to lunch after our little walk.  My darling son served as the entertainment- “he’s such a ham” (we say that all the time.  It’s true!)

Lindsay & Jake’s rehearsal dinner was Friday night.  I think in this picture Charlie was on the floor, hamming it up.

(I love this one!  Nonny with her two great-grandsons!  Where was Maya??)

Downstairs playing with the castle!  C sort of “lurched” at her with that funny gait that only babies learning to walk (and drunken sailors) have, I think it scared her a bit… she curled right up with her dad 🙂

At some point we put C in his pjs in hopes of winding him down.  But doesn’t he look like he’s ready to party here?!

Not all the kiddos were partying- at least one was sleeping sweetly.

Not these two 🙂

I didn’t get any pictures of Jake & Lindsay at their rehearsal dinner! Ahhh, this is a very Charlie-centered depection of our time in CO.  Surprise, surprise.  But we all had a great time- and I have tons of wedding pictures, some even include the happy couple.  I’ll post those soon!

my other boy

Yup, that’s a Corona and a lime popsicle.  His dessert was multi-tasking.  Goof ball…

Double goof balls…

Brandon tortures this little guy.  He did a little “redneck baby proofing” while I was working this weekend.  Charlie always gets into the little cabinets on either side of our tv stand, and there wasn’t really any way to babyproof them.  So Brandon just took the knobs off.  Problem solved!  He is always one step ahead of Charlie and he does goofy things like stealing the paci, mixing avacado into otherwise yummy baby food, and generally teasing the adorable baby boy.

But don’t be fooled by the relentless teasing.  Brandon is also the best, most patient, playful, loving and proud daddy a little boy could ever hope for.  I don’t think many dads could handle their baby for an entire weekend, and not just survive it but enjoy it.  B has never complained about the fact that I work every other weekend- not when Charlie was an infant and it was long hours of rocking and sometimes crying, not when he has fussy ‘off’ days, and certainly not now, when he is a big ball of energy!  Sometimes I walk into a mess on Sunday night, but hey- it’s pure proof that they had fun all weekend.  (And dinner is always taken care of, which doesn’t always happen when I’m the one who’s home!)  Monday mornings might be a little bit of an adjustment for the little guy, I can imagine him thinking, “Mom you aren’t moving fast enough… you’re supposed to chase me… keep up!”  So I try.  But I’m no substitute for his favorite.

my boy

I uploaded all the photos from May the other day; there are exactly 491 pictures in my “May 2012” folder.  So its a good thing I don’t even plan to make Charlie a traditional baby book, because my guess is about 489 of those photographs are of him.  And if I have that many from May, I can only guess how many I will have accumulated after a year.  Just the thought of making a book from thousands of photographs, well it makes my head hurt.  Which means I had better keep up with this blog, because the pictures here may be the only ones I do something useful with.

So in that spirit- here are a few from May that I love.

Well good morning sleepy boy.  Nice hair.

Sweet boy.

Crazy bell-bell-ringing-before-8am boy.

Daddy’s silly boy.

Mommy’s wild boy.

Happy stair climbing boy.

Suspicious boy?

Drool-y boy!  (aka- “almost 10 months and still no teeth boy”)

Energetic boy (is there any other kind, you may ask?)

Smart boy.

Take off super fast boy!

Curious boy…

Yawning “finally getting tired” boy?

Nah 🙂

Memorial day weekend

We had a great weekend!  Logged lots of hours at the pool, ate way too much & enjoyed our family time.  Perfection!  Here are some photos:

shark shorts!

We took Charlie to the pool Saturday and Monday.  He is officially a fan, as long as the sun isn’t in his eyes!  He wore that cute plaid hat a lot, but he really prefers to be in the shade.  Fortunately our pool has some large umbrellas that partially shade the splash pool.  Charlie is a good people watcher, and Memorial Day at the pool makes for some good people watching 🙂

Two cookouts… with my family on Saturday night, and with our neighbors on Sunday.  We also went out to brunch with my sister on Sun.  Jack Sprat’s in Chapel Hill, one of our favorites… (the owner even pureed strawberries & bananas for Charlie).

These are from our neighbor’s backyard cookout.

Our yard doesn’t look this nice.

I could have titled this post “Memorial Day weekend: the various faces of Charlie” 🙂

I’m just uploading pictures and typing randomly.  You can’t tell, can you?

I really like the one above.  Meg’s post has me excited about taking photos this summer!  YES!  Happy kids, bright colors, water: summer is the best.  And it makes for great pictures.

That boy wants to go….

These are from our second pool day (Monday):



I’m happy C seems content at the pool because I would gladly spend lots of time there this summer 🙂

Uncle Brian’s birthday

How did it get to be June already?  Bri’s birthday was actually mid-May (quick Dad, which day?), but I wanted to post these pictures anyway.  We had some good food, a few drinks, an eternally long game of ladderball, and ice cream cake.  So I think I can speak for the bday boy and say it was a pretty good one 🙂



One of us even ran around without any clothes, Risky Business style…

Happy Birthday Uncle Brian!