Memorial day weekend

We had a great weekend!  Logged lots of hours at the pool, ate way too much & enjoyed our family time.  Perfection!  Here are some photos:

shark shorts!

We took Charlie to the pool Saturday and Monday.  He is officially a fan, as long as the sun isn’t in his eyes!  He wore that cute plaid hat a lot, but he really prefers to be in the shade.  Fortunately our pool has some large umbrellas that partially shade the splash pool.  Charlie is a good people watcher, and Memorial Day at the pool makes for some good people watching 🙂

Two cookouts… with my family on Saturday night, and with our neighbors on Sunday.  We also went out to brunch with my sister on Sun.  Jack Sprat’s in Chapel Hill, one of our favorites… (the owner even pureed strawberries & bananas for Charlie).

These are from our neighbor’s backyard cookout.

Our yard doesn’t look this nice.

I could have titled this post “Memorial Day weekend: the various faces of Charlie” 🙂

I’m just uploading pictures and typing randomly.  You can’t tell, can you?

I really like the one above.  Meg’s post has me excited about taking photos this summer!  YES!  Happy kids, bright colors, water: summer is the best.  And it makes for great pictures.

That boy wants to go….

These are from our second pool day (Monday):



I’m happy C seems content at the pool because I would gladly spend lots of time there this summer 🙂


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