my boy

I uploaded all the photos from May the other day; there are exactly 491 pictures in my “May 2012” folder.  So its a good thing I don’t even plan to make Charlie a traditional baby book, because my guess is about 489 of those photographs are of him.  And if I have that many from May, I can only guess how many I will have accumulated after a year.  Just the thought of making a book from thousands of photographs, well it makes my head hurt.  Which means I had better keep up with this blog, because the pictures here may be the only ones I do something useful with.

So in that spirit- here are a few from May that I love.

Well good morning sleepy boy.  Nice hair.

Sweet boy.

Crazy bell-bell-ringing-before-8am boy.

Daddy’s silly boy.

Mommy’s wild boy.

Happy stair climbing boy.

Suspicious boy?

Drool-y boy!  (aka- “almost 10 months and still no teeth boy”)

Energetic boy (is there any other kind, you may ask?)

Smart boy.

Take off super fast boy!

Curious boy…

Yawning “finally getting tired” boy?

Nah 🙂

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