my other boy

Yup, that’s a Corona and a lime popsicle.  His dessert was multi-tasking.  Goof ball…

Double goof balls…

Brandon tortures this little guy.  He did a little “redneck baby proofing” while I was working this weekend.  Charlie always gets into the little cabinets on either side of our tv stand, and there wasn’t really any way to babyproof them.  So Brandon just took the knobs off.  Problem solved!  He is always one step ahead of Charlie and he does goofy things like stealing the paci, mixing avacado into otherwise yummy baby food, and generally teasing the adorable baby boy.

But don’t be fooled by the relentless teasing.  Brandon is also the best, most patient, playful, loving and proud daddy a little boy could ever hope for.  I don’t think many dads could handle their baby for an entire weekend, and not just survive it but enjoy it.  B has never complained about the fact that I work every other weekend- not when Charlie was an infant and it was long hours of rocking and sometimes crying, not when he has fussy ‘off’ days, and certainly not now, when he is a big ball of energy!  Sometimes I walk into a mess on Sunday night, but hey- it’s pure proof that they had fun all weekend.  (And dinner is always taken care of, which doesn’t always happen when I’m the one who’s home!)  Monday mornings might be a little bit of an adjustment for the little guy, I can imagine him thinking, “Mom you aren’t moving fast enough… you’re supposed to chase me… keep up!”  So I try.  But I’m no substitute for his favorite.


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