Colorado trip- part 1

Part one because we had so much fun, and took so many pictures, I don’t think they will all fit into one post!  We left Thursday morning, flew from Raleigh-Durham to Baltimore (no time for a crabcake sandwich at the airport, darn! though we did see they opened an Obrycki’s… next time, for sure!).  The first flight was an easy hour; we had three seats so we could let Charlie crawl around, it was perfect.  Then we flew from Baltimore to Denver.  4 looong hours later (C did take one nap, but it was far too short!) we landed.  And picked up our luggage, rental car and drove to my Aunt Kathy’s.  Whew, we made it!  Charlie met Nonny!  And Kathy had a cute push toy at her house which was awesome because he still had some energy to burn (I don’t know how, at this point I was exhausted!)

The next day, we went for a hike.  Well a “walk”, but us North Carolinians call any walk in the mountains a hike.

Charlie got to stretch his legs for a little bit.

Then he was carried (doesn’t look like he is enjoying it, but I think he was!)

The sky was a little threatening, but the scenery was beautiful.  Definitely the prettiest place I have ever had to stop and feed Charlie.

We went out to lunch after our little walk.  My darling son served as the entertainment- “he’s such a ham” (we say that all the time.  It’s true!)

Lindsay & Jake’s rehearsal dinner was Friday night.  I think in this picture Charlie was on the floor, hamming it up.

(I love this one!  Nonny with her two great-grandsons!  Where was Maya??)

Downstairs playing with the castle!  C sort of “lurched” at her with that funny gait that only babies learning to walk (and drunken sailors) have, I think it scared her a bit… she curled right up with her dad 🙂

At some point we put C in his pjs in hopes of winding him down.  But doesn’t he look like he’s ready to party here?!

Not all the kiddos were partying- at least one was sleeping sweetly.

Not these two 🙂

I didn’t get any pictures of Jake & Lindsay at their rehearsal dinner! Ahhh, this is a very Charlie-centered depection of our time in CO.  Surprise, surprise.  But we all had a great time- and I have tons of wedding pictures, some even include the happy couple.  I’ll post those soon!


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