Colorado trip- part 2 {the wedding!}

Trying out some looks:

These boys brought some North Carolina class to a mountain wedding.  And yes, I can say that even after the last picture of my son in a dress shirt and no pants, eating some puffs.  Because look at the sweater vest!  We are doing Roy Williams proud right here.

The wedding was sooo pretty.  Even though it got off to sort of a rough start, weather wise.

Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, right?!  Well, at least it is if it clears up just in time for the ceremony and ends up being gorgeous and sunny for the ceremony and pictures.

{This picture doesn’t do it justice.  Red bridesmaid dresses + sunflowers + lush green background= cheerful!  And they all had on different cowboy boots.  It was fun & happy, which seems so Lindsay!}

Cutest flower girl ever.

Cutest slightly noisy wedding guest ever.  No one sat in front of us.  Coincidence?!

I think not.

Happy newlyweds!

Then we attempted a multitude of photos:

Cousins shot!  (missing many but still cute)

Everyone was lookin’ good.  I didn’t get a picture but my uncle and Charlie had very similar, quite dashing hats.  And I loved my mom’s ensemble; not just because of the hot pink either. 

(The above photo cracks me up- looks like it was a stare down.  Wonder who won?)

And sad but true, this one is the best family photo I have.  And possibly one of the only ones that proves Katelin was even there?  I like that C’s belly is showing.  Keep it classy.

But on to some better photos:

(Love this!  I think Brandon needs it framed on his desk!)




(The best photo of the three of us is blurry!)




Toasts and dancin’

Sleepy baby.

sisters dancing!!!  (to “We are family” appropriately enough)

Charlie still passed out.  Brandon is such a good sport.

Then he woke up, raring to go!  So we didn’t stay all the way til the end.  But it was a wonderful wedding… congrats to the happy couple!


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