waterproof camera

We got a new toy a few weeks ago.  A waterproof camera!


We took it up to the pool this weekend and it was a lot of fun!DSCN0422


Those are big splashes.  I think they must have been coming from Brandon, not Charlie.


playing around with the camera and C’s toys.



Charlie was popular with the girls at the pool. He gave everyone hugs.








Here goes our “parents of the year” award. Ha!  Good thing he didn’t seem too bothered by it; B picked him up and he kept right on charging through the water.





Brandon likes this picture. He looks like a little country boy!

We went up to the pool in the late afternoon both days this weekend.  Couldn’t spend all day there because it was approximately 102 degrees.  In the shade.  Yikes!  But we made the most of our weekend together: besides the pool we hit up the bookstore, the farmer’s market, an antiques place (where we found some cool old library card catalog drawers) and Sunday we had a donut breakfast in the park and went to BJs.  OK, so the grocery store isn’t such a fun thing, but we need to eat.  And at least you get Snapple and frozen pizza samples when you are grocery shopping at BJs.  🙂 

I have even more pictures, maybe tomorrow.  Lots of pool pictures, Charlie has been loving the pool lately.  He explores the shallow areas and splashes and grins at lifeguards and just hams it up in general.  Its great fun!  And everytime we go I remember how lucky we are to have such an awesome neighborhood pool (and even more importantly such great neighbors!).  Future summers should be even more fun for C: when he can play with friends, go watersliding and running around up there… I love watching him grow up!


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