So much to see outside! He wants to tell me all about it.


He really loves being outdoors… even when it feels hotter than the surface of the sun. Brandon and I try to let him run around out there in the early evenings. Some mornings Charlie & I have outside playtime, but he’s been sleeping later (yay!) so its a short window of time before it is way too hot. No matter what time of day I still bring out the push toy, his first love, but he has a new crush on the stroller. It rolls pretty easy and he’s a strong little kid, but he still looks funny pushing that big thing.


He still lets us “help” when he’s pushing uphill, although I’m sure that will change soon. He’s getting more insistent, and even though he doesn’t say many words, he can let you know how he wants things to go! Or, more often- that he does not want to share! Funny little guy.

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