11 months

Some updates about little man at 11 months:

First airplane travel this month!  He was a champ, through it all. 

Talking!  He said “gog” (dog) for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and can also say “uh-oh” and “go”.  Brandon is working on “giggle” since he says some jibberish that sounds sort of like that.  “Uh-oh” is my favorite, especially when he purposefully drops something on the ground and then looks up at you and says uh-oh!


Walking!  He’s been doing this for a while but he gets steadier every week.  Now we usually feel comfortable letting him walk around on his own; we follow him when he’s outside or when he’s really tired (because he stumbles like a drunken sailor when he’s tired).  He’s pretty small for his age so people are always very surprised to see him struting around!

Playing!   He has started playing more with the shape sorter and blocks: he likes to bang them together and put blocks in/take them out of the box.  He used to love books but now they don’t seem to hold his interest for very long.  I hope this is just a stage, because nothing entertains him for very long these days!  Sometimes he will hold a book and turn the pages.  Usually its upside down- so cute.  Brandon will crawl around “chasing” him on the floor, give him Big Hugs (a sort of game they have that makes Charlie grin… now if Brandon even says “big hug” Charlie breaks out in a huge smile!) 

(His favorite new toy- a basting brush? He likes anything from the kitchen. Future chef, prehaps?)

Sleeping! So well, probably because of all the walking & playing!

(Ignore the ridiculously bad, blurry photo. FOUR pacis, and I bet he tried them all out. He’s so silly.)

Eating!  We discovered the magic of the puree pouches while we were traveling.  Charlie had them a few times before, but they were really convenient while we were gone.  He can feed himself and they have fruit, veggie, grain combinations so its probably healthier than some of the things he gets for lunch.  We love the Earth’s Best ones.  We’ve also found soy milk yogurt (since he seems to have a skin reaction to anything made with cow’s milk), and sorbet as a treat.  Gourmet! 

Next month is the big first birthday!  I’m so excited.  We are thinking pool party, maybe with a red balloon theme.  Probably the first of many pool birthday parties, what else can you do in August??

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