We got home late Saturday night from our beach trip/reunion in Florida.  All I can say about it at the moment is that we survived.  Survived both Brandon & I getting colds, a stomach bug, a teething baby who wouldn’t sleep past 6am, some tears, 22 hrs of driving… needless to say, we were so grateful when we pulled into our driveway!  It wasn’t all terrible; there were some really great parts too.  But don’t ask us to go anywhere else for a while.  We are homebodies for now, and we like it that way.

We left last Friday and drove to Cocoa, FL to spend the night with Brandon’s Aunt Susan.


We had so much fun with Aunt Susan! We toured the “soapatorium” where she makes all of the organic soaps she sells in her shop. It smells divine! She cooked a delicious dinner, then we went out on her dock and showed Charlie the Indian River. Someone may even have taught my eleven month old how to play pool before bed! And, thanks to these amazing shutters on the outside of her house that completely black out the inside, our whole family slept in until 9! Best morning ever. On our way over to the Gulf Coast (where we were spending the rest of the week), we stopped and had fish sandwiches at Houston’s. Brandon has never been happier. OK, I was happy too… they are really good fish sandwiches!

I didn’t take a ton of photos, but here are some from the dock:
The first of many, many photos where you see you Charlie.. and my legs. Haha, I need to do some toning or something.





When we got to the houses on Anna Maria Island, there was a lot of settling in, unpacking, stocking up the fridge, and running around the pool in a diaper. It just depends who you are.

The pools were pretty amazing.

They both looked like this… gorgeous, with a rock waterfall, a little table under a tiki hut, and the perfect shallow area where a certain little one could walk around.

Hmm, I may have had a few complaints, but looking back at these pictures it looks like paradise!  It was gorgeous.  And its always great to spend some time with family!  Maybe I do miss Florida, just a little.

{I have a lot more photos to share, including about a hundred of Charlie playing in the sand, but those will have to wait until tomorrow.  I hear someone waking from their nap in the next room!}

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