bath time

Its been a while since I posted any pictures of soapy, splashy Charlie, so here they are:






Wild man hair.


Three things:
1. Those eyelashes! I wish I could find a mascara that worked so well, ha.
2. He’s finally getting a haircut- in two weeks. In the meantime, I think I might have to use a bobby pin to keep the hair out of his eyes. Between that and the eyelashes, you don’t think he’ll be mistaken for a girl do you? 🙂
3. I love how in both the pictures of me kissing his cheek and Brandon kissing his cheek, he’s just looking at the camera, completely unamused. Oh yeah, he loves Mommy and Daddy.
4. Brandon took the picture where he is hanging over the side of the tub, and its one of my favorites. First because that’s so Charlie- he doesn’t ever sit in the bathtub. He hangs over the edge, tries to climb out, stands, etc. Second because I love the water droplet falling… it looks cool on the original photo too. (None of the originals were stellar photos- haven’t really figured out how to take good indoor photos- so I decided to add filters just for fun.)
Oops, that was four things.


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