Color Me Rad 5K

Like I said, I didn’t run with my camera so these are some before and after shots of the race.  The weather looked a little ominous at first, but it was actually great running weather: just a little bit cool (but still perfect for shorts) and overcast.






Katelin wants you to note she has the whole world in her hands on her arm.

And my neighbors took cute pictures right after the race with their phones. The colors were a little brighter:

So much fun!


running & little gym

The weekend is over, and we had one of those really great ones that was crazy full of stuff and now I feel like we need another weekend to recover.  I ran my first 5K!  My sister & I (and some of my sweet neighbors) ran the Color Me Rad 5K in Raleigh.  I have a few before and after pictures I’ll post another day, but I was too scared to run with my camera… even our waterproof tough camera.  It probably would have been fine in hindsight, but I didn’t know how much crazy color we were in for!  My favorite part was when we were running up to a color station (there were stations for each color, about one every 1/2 mile or so) and there was just a mist in the air and all you could see was purple or blue or whatever.  It was awesome!  I wasn’t sure I would be able to run the whole thing but I did.  And it kind of gave me the running “bug”… I’d like to run a real 5K now.  This one was an open start line so you started whenever you felt like it, and it wasn’t timed.  Don’t think any other race would be so much fun though, this was a great first one!

While I was doing that Brandon took Charlie to Little Gym.  We debated for a while about signing C up for this class but I’m really glad we did.  It’s worth it for the entertainment value alone- babies who can barely walk trying the balance beam.  Seeing Charlie all pumped up when they dump the huuuuge bin of all sorts of balls- that’s my favorite.  It’s a really cute group and he gets the experience of being around more kids. 

These are some pictures we took last weekend when we were both there:

Pouty face turned around real quick!

Perfect form.
They get stamps on their feet at the end; this week he was a cute little mummy.

The rest of the weekend was a one-year old birthday party, dinner with grandparents, a long but successful trip to the Apple store (aka Brandon’s happy place- he finally bought a new Macbook Pro), a trip to the big playground, Mexican pizzas for dinner, and a family walk with a cute bundled up boy in the wagon. Nice.

pumpkin patch

We took Charlie to the pumpkin patch on Saturday; we met Nana and Aunt Michelle, Grammy and Grampa there. It’s a cute little place- they have a corn maize, pumpkin patch, cow train, and I think at night there is a haunted house/Spookywoods thing.  Brandon and I joked on the way home that this is one of those things that’s cheap entertainment now: $3 ride on the cow train, posed for a bunch of pictures, and bought a pumpkin. But every year he’s going to be ready to do more things, until its a full day event and requires us to take out a second mortgage.

field of pumpkins, LOVE it.

He wanted to help pick. And test all of the stems.

Trying to get him to look at the camera, but the cow was too interesting apparently.
Brandon gets parent of the year for riding the cow train with him. They were so cute!

And then it was time to take our pumpkins and go. We went home and made a pumpkin roll… yum. With canned pumpkin, mind you. I’m not that ambitious.

Just for fun, this was Brandon & Charlie last year at the same place:
The little one has changed so much! The big one is the same as ever. Even has the same shirt.

10 on 10 {October 2012}

Charlie is 14 months old!  Here’s what we did on the 10th:

7 clean pacis. Charlie liked helping me round them up; I think he tested them all out. He did not like that I took them away to boil.

Loves buttons.

New bookshelves, a yard sale score- we have one on either side of the window in our family room. There may or may not be a fresh coat of white paint in their future.

Radio Flyer (another yard sale purchase). He looks a little uncertain here, but he loved it. And it was the perfect fall day for a wagon ride.

Lunch. Salad for me, leftover squash and turkey for Charlie. Brandon doesn’t usually like squash (one of the only foods on the planet he feels that way about), but he actually said the squash I made the other night was “good”. We’ll pretend that’s because I am a wonderful cook who makes squash far superior to anything else he has ever tasted, ok? The fact that it tasted good certainly had nothing to do with my friends Land-o-lakes and Domino.

About to throw the cup on the floor, I’m pretty sure.

I spent part of nap time giving myself a pedicure and catching up on Modern Family. I feel only moderately guilty, because I spent the other half of naptime doing dishes and scrubbing the kitchen counters. But there’s nothing pretty about that, so you are spared a picture.

Totally neglected, I should have cleaned the pots out weeks ago, but these guys are still blooming on my front porch.

Dude. Cool hat.

Twisted. Dream. (And I didn’t even notice the knives in the background until now- that makes it more twisted I think).
ten on ten button


Enjoying his post-nap sippy cup. (I think sippy cups are really cute, am I the only one?)
I wish this photo was in better focus; one eye is, one eye is not. Not sure what i did wrong there?
I painted the wood around the gates a couple of months ago, so any time now i’ll get around to taking the blue painters tape off.  🙂

We have a new storm door on our front door (thanks to B and his dad). We all love it, but Charlie most of all. And I’m glad you can’t see all the slobber marks on it in this picture. Seriously, it looks like we have a puppy. We don’t.  We have a teething toddler.

His new pose… crouched down, like he’s not going to stay and play with that toy long, so why bother to sit all the way down?

you can’t hold me back.




he’s dangerous, can’t do the stairs by himself. oh, but he thinks he can!

inspecting the neighbor’s garden.

my favorite picture I’ve taken of him recently.  Really I made Brandon and Charlie come outside and take pictures because… haircut Saturday!  I know I mentioned it before; I’m going to be so sad to say good-bye to the baby curls.  But on the other hand, those eyes are really pretty, and I would love to be able to see them again!

He’s waking up from his nap in there, so no more random commentary on yesterday’s pictures.  We were at the doctor this morning, yuck.  My poor baby still has an ear infection… one that 10 days of amoxicillin didn’t take care of it, so we’re in for round two. {Double yuck.} He has slept for 3 hours now though, thank you Children’s Advil, so at least I have some of my sanity/patience back.  He woke up at 5 this morning (crying that terrible painful cry) and pretty much didn’t stray more than 2 feet from me until this nap time.  Poor baby.  Here’s hoping he feels better soon!