Enjoying his post-nap sippy cup. (I think sippy cups are really cute, am I the only one?)
I wish this photo was in better focus; one eye is, one eye is not. Not sure what i did wrong there?
I painted the wood around the gates a couple of months ago, so any time now i’ll get around to taking the blue painters tape off.  🙂

We have a new storm door on our front door (thanks to B and his dad). We all love it, but Charlie most of all. And I’m glad you can’t see all the slobber marks on it in this picture. Seriously, it looks like we have a puppy. We don’t.  We have a teething toddler.

His new pose… crouched down, like he’s not going to stay and play with that toy long, so why bother to sit all the way down?

you can’t hold me back.




he’s dangerous, can’t do the stairs by himself. oh, but he thinks he can!

inspecting the neighbor’s garden.

my favorite picture I’ve taken of him recently.  Really I made Brandon and Charlie come outside and take pictures because… haircut Saturday!  I know I mentioned it before; I’m going to be so sad to say good-bye to the baby curls.  But on the other hand, those eyes are really pretty, and I would love to be able to see them again!

He’s waking up from his nap in there, so no more random commentary on yesterday’s pictures.  We were at the doctor this morning, yuck.  My poor baby still has an ear infection… one that 10 days of amoxicillin didn’t take care of it, so we’re in for round two. {Double yuck.} He has slept for 3 hours now though, thank you Children’s Advil, so at least I have some of my sanity/patience back.  He woke up at 5 this morning (crying that terrible painful cry) and pretty much didn’t stray more than 2 feet from me until this nap time.  Poor baby.  Here’s hoping he feels better soon!


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