10 on 10 {October 2012}

Charlie is 14 months old!  Here’s what we did on the 10th:

7 clean pacis. Charlie liked helping me round them up; I think he tested them all out. He did not like that I took them away to boil.

Loves buttons.

New bookshelves, a yard sale score- we have one on either side of the window in our family room. There may or may not be a fresh coat of white paint in their future.

Radio Flyer (another yard sale purchase). He looks a little uncertain here, but he loved it. And it was the perfect fall day for a wagon ride.

Lunch. Salad for me, leftover squash and turkey for Charlie. Brandon doesn’t usually like squash (one of the only foods on the planet he feels that way about), but he actually said the squash I made the other night was “good”. We’ll pretend that’s because I am a wonderful cook who makes squash far superior to anything else he has ever tasted, ok? The fact that it tasted good certainly had nothing to do with my friends Land-o-lakes and Domino.

About to throw the cup on the floor, I’m pretty sure.

I spent part of nap time giving myself a pedicure and catching up on Modern Family. I feel only moderately guilty, because I spent the other half of naptime doing dishes and scrubbing the kitchen counters. But there’s nothing pretty about that, so you are spared a picture.

Totally neglected, I should have cleaned the pots out weeks ago, but these guys are still blooming on my front porch.

Dude. Cool hat.

Twisted. Dream. (And I didn’t even notice the knives in the background until now- that makes it more twisted I think).
ten on ten button

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