Turkey Day

Charlie's.  #baking
We did a little Thanksgiving baking: Brandon made his mom’s biscuit recipe and I made hashbrown casserole.

playing around in the car on the way to Grandma Shirley’s, eating some turkey and cake with Daddy, then hamming around outside

My two turkeys.

And the little turkey passed out before we made it onto the highway on the drive home. We both napped actually; I went to work on Thanksgiving night and spent the evening with the tiny turkeys. And heck yeah, I ate dessert about every 2 hours all night long. Caffeine and sugar, how would I survive night shift without you?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


first haircut

The “before” picture. Yeah, he wasn’t having it.


Nothing that the paci and mommy’s cell phone couldn’t fix.

Ten minutes later, new do.





It was a little short in the front for my liking, but it grew super fast.  Now that its not so humid, his hair is straighter/longer and he is sporting a bit of a mullet.  I had kind of forgotten about these photos, but he’s going for his second haircut tomorrow so I thought I would share some oldies. #babymulletbegone

These days he’s looking a little more like this:
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Asheville, beer and birthdays

My birthday boy and I took our first solo trip since Charlie was born this weekend. We went to Asheville (did you know Asheville is the “Paris of the South”?  But apparently not the only one, I googled it and Augusta, GA and a few others popped up too.  Funny). It was a great trip, Paris or not: we just went for one night, but we fit in lots of window shopping, eating, and yes, a few local brews 🙂 We stayed out past 8pm! We slept in past 8am! Hazzah!

Birthday boy.

When you’re walking by a bar called the Thirsty Monk and you see a bicycle hanging from the ceiling, you almost have to stop right?



We didn’t stop here, we were on our way to dinner.  But you sure can’t miss it.

Dinner at Posana’s.  Maple-salted caramel hot chocolate and bday pumpkin cheesecake at French Broad.  Yum.

Saw these and felt an instant pang of missing Charlie.  The boy loves his wagons..

Chicken alley.  I am loving the iphone & instagram.  We brought our camera on this trip, but didn’t bring it out once.  The iphone is too convenient: take photo, share photo.  Boom, done.  #didntknowwhatiwasmissing

We hit up an antique store in a barn on our way out of town, and literally could have wondered around for hours, but we were both missing the little guy.  When we arrived home he was happy as could be, I don’t think he even noticed we were gone.

If you’re reading this: happy birthday Brandon; Charlie & I love you like crazy.  Can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you & our little family!

15 months

Sweet Charlie- You are a ball of energy these days!  Fun, but sometimes its hard for the rest of us to keep up.  I’m having to find more creative ways occupy you as the weather is cooler, because you love to be outside!  We’re into a good routine, we just have to go out somewhere in the morning so you can burn off some energy.  If its too chilly for the playground we run errands, go the grocery store, the library or the children’s museum.  Something to get us both out of the house for a while is good! 


You are learning new words every day now; your most recent favorite is “hot”.  Every time we put a new food on your tray you say its hot; we tell you its not hot and you think its a pretty fun game.  You still love the word “no”, and you’ve been saying “Nana”, “mote” (for remote), “cat” and “eye”.  You can point to your head and belly when we ask, but sometimes you won’t show off that trick (or you’re too distracted!)  Our new favorite game is hide and seek.  Sometimes daddy will hide and you’ll go looking for him; he likes to pop out and scare you.  But more often you will run off and “hide” (ususally just standing in the next room or behind a chair or something).  You love when I say “There he is!!” and get all excited.  Then you run away again.  Its so cute!

You’re a picky eater- you love most fruits and bread, but we have to sneak vegetables and meat into your meal, because you won’t touch them otherwise.  You’re finally drinking soy milk well though and you love juice!

At your 15 month appointment the other day you weighed 20 lbs, 3 oz (5th percentile) and were 29 inches long (10th %).  You’re our little guy!  But gaining and growing little by little, so no worries. 

You bring us so much joy & we love you very much!

happy Halloween!

We decided Charlie had to be a dog for Halloween this year since it is one of the only words he knows how to say, and he loves the “doog” so much.

What you didn’t want to see multiple poses of C in his costume? oops. You can even see the onesie he was wearing underneath… “Thing 3”, aka his costume from last year. (Last year it was huge on him. We should have saved it for this year, but we didn’t. Plus I just couldn’t resist the adorable puppy dog get-up… he even has the drool to complete the look!)

family picture taking fail.
there we go, that’s a little bit better.
but then… costume fail.
we were having issues
“you know, we wouldn’t have this problem if you didn’t put stupid things on my head, Mom!”

He even clapped for the tricker-treaters! I think he liked all of the excitement; our neighborhood has a ton of little ones, plus I think people come from other places enjoy the festivities here. We ran out of candy just after 7:30… but it was cold and it was time for dinner and baths, so I was just fine with turning off our light and calling it a night. Next year-more candy! I might also get around to carving the pumpkin next year, who knows. And Brandon thought I should make Charlie’s costume (I don’t know what gave him the impression I was that talented). So I don’t want to make any promises- it’s all part of my master plan to set the bar really low so I don’t have any complicated traditions to live up to in future years. Or, we just ran out of time. You pick.