happy Halloween!

We decided Charlie had to be a dog for Halloween this year since it is one of the only words he knows how to say, and he loves the “doog” so much.

What you didn’t want to see multiple poses of C in his costume? oops. You can even see the onesie he was wearing underneath… “Thing 3”, aka his costume from last year. (Last year it was huge on him. We should have saved it for this year, but we didn’t. Plus I just couldn’t resist the adorable puppy dog get-up… he even has the drool to complete the look!)

family picture taking fail.
there we go, that’s a little bit better.
but then… costume fail.
we were having issues
“you know, we wouldn’t have this problem if you didn’t put stupid things on my head, Mom!”

He even clapped for the tricker-treaters! I think he liked all of the excitement; our neighborhood has a ton of little ones, plus I think people come from other places enjoy the festivities here. We ran out of candy just after 7:30… but it was cold and it was time for dinner and baths, so I was just fine with turning off our light and calling it a night. Next year-more candy! I might also get around to carving the pumpkin next year, who knows. And Brandon thought I should make Charlie’s costume (I don’t know what gave him the impression I was that talented). So I don’t want to make any promises- it’s all part of my master plan to set the bar really low so I don’t have any complicated traditions to live up to in future years. Or, we just ran out of time. You pick.


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