15 months

Sweet Charlie- You are a ball of energy these days!  Fun, but sometimes its hard for the rest of us to keep up.  I’m having to find more creative ways occupy you as the weather is cooler, because you love to be outside!  We’re into a good routine, we just have to go out somewhere in the morning so you can burn off some energy.  If its too chilly for the playground we run errands, go the grocery store, the library or the children’s museum.  Something to get us both out of the house for a while is good! 


You are learning new words every day now; your most recent favorite is “hot”.  Every time we put a new food on your tray you say its hot; we tell you its not hot and you think its a pretty fun game.  You still love the word “no”, and you’ve been saying “Nana”, “mote” (for remote), “cat” and “eye”.  You can point to your head and belly when we ask, but sometimes you won’t show off that trick (or you’re too distracted!)  Our new favorite game is hide and seek.  Sometimes daddy will hide and you’ll go looking for him; he likes to pop out and scare you.  But more often you will run off and “hide” (ususally just standing in the next room or behind a chair or something).  You love when I say “There he is!!” and get all excited.  Then you run away again.  Its so cute!

You’re a picky eater- you love most fruits and bread, but we have to sneak vegetables and meat into your meal, because you won’t touch them otherwise.  You’re finally drinking soy milk well though and you love juice!

At your 15 month appointment the other day you weighed 20 lbs, 3 oz (5th percentile) and were 29 inches long (10th %).  You’re our little guy!  But gaining and growing little by little, so no worries. 

You bring us so much joy & we love you very much!


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