Asheville, beer and birthdays

My birthday boy and I took our first solo trip since Charlie was born this weekend. We went to Asheville (did you know Asheville is the “Paris of the South”?  But apparently not the only one, I googled it and Augusta, GA and a few others popped up too.  Funny). It was a great trip, Paris or not: we just went for one night, but we fit in lots of window shopping, eating, and yes, a few local brews 🙂 We stayed out past 8pm! We slept in past 8am! Hazzah!

Birthday boy.

When you’re walking by a bar called the Thirsty Monk and you see a bicycle hanging from the ceiling, you almost have to stop right?



We didn’t stop here, we were on our way to dinner.  But you sure can’t miss it.

Dinner at Posana’s.  Maple-salted caramel hot chocolate and bday pumpkin cheesecake at French Broad.  Yum.

Saw these and felt an instant pang of missing Charlie.  The boy loves his wagons..

Chicken alley.  I am loving the iphone & instagram.  We brought our camera on this trip, but didn’t bring it out once.  The iphone is too convenient: take photo, share photo.  Boom, done.  #didntknowwhatiwasmissing

We hit up an antique store in a barn on our way out of town, and literally could have wondered around for hours, but we were both missing the little guy.  When we arrived home he was happy as could be, I don’t think he even noticed we were gone.

If you’re reading this: happy birthday Brandon; Charlie & I love you like crazy.  Can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you & our little family!


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