This is just a sort of random dump of pictures from my phone. I’m making a vow to break out our real camera this week and take some pictures, even if they’re nothing special! Phones are great for capturing those little/out and about moments, but I already miss “real”, decent pictures.
Trying to take a Christmas photo today #smallsanta
What have we been up to lately?  Well we tried to take this little guy’s Christmas photo. Doesn’t he make the cutest little Santa?  In our Christmas photo last year he was wearing a Santa hat, and I thought this Santa suit (that I bought on clearance this summer) would be fun for this year.  We’ve taken the picture, but this year finding time to sit down and create a card is the complicated part.  Brandon has been so busy!

With my best boy
That leaves lots of times for me and this little guy to hang out.  We got outside every day I was home with him this week… makes me happy, and he fusses when we have to come back in, so I know he loves it!  He even “played” with one of our little neighbors yesterday (aka, rode on her scooter). 


My boys at breakfast yesterday.  They’re all matchy-matchy, but I promise that wasn’t intentional.  I love it though. 

Likes to take pictures of himself #thatsmyboy


Sunset walk yesterday, with a little one who decided half way through he would rather walk than ride. Doesn’t know how good he has it… but at least he keeps it interesting around here! When B got home, we went to pick up a Christmas tree:
We got a tree!  Both boys were #moreexcitedaboutthetruck

So those are our happenings around here.  We (read: Brandon) got a few Christmas lights up yesterday, but we (read: Meghan) haven’t decorated anything inside.  We’re already doing better than last year though, when we finally broke out a few decorations the week before!  Yay us.

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