its gonna be good.

I turned 29 this week! And I think its gonna be a good year.

Here’s a few pictures from my b-day dinner:
new favorite thing: to hold your hand (or just your finger) and lead you around where he wants to go. I think it makes him feel powerful!

Don’t know what that look was for, I was happy, really!

We played a little game to see which of the three iphones he would go for.

Funny all three phones have a picture of him on their main screen. Haha, how’s a boy to choose?

Love this expression.

Yup, that’s a new camera in the reflection; that was my present from Brandon. And a 40 mm “pancake” lens which I love. I can’t wait to play around with them a little more.

Scenes from the next day:
I was trying to clean.

and this little one…

was trying to sabotage those efforts!

I’m really excited for all this year will hold. Even if it is a lot more cleaning and chasing around after a toddler!


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