superhero video

Saying “no” as he is doing something naughty… it shouldn’t be so funny to us.  But it is!!

The cape came from Target and may be the best $3 I’ve ever spent there, haha.

(I don’t know why the picture is so bad, but it took me forever just to get it uploaded, so I’m sharing it anyway.)  Happy Wednesday!



hanging with aunt mo







Charlie calls my sister (Katelin) “Mo”. Not sure why? It would make more sense to call my sister in law by that nickname since her name actually starts with ‘M’, but no one said toddler nicknames would make sense.  (On a related note, but in no way related to these pictures: My mom had decided she would be a “Grammy” before Charlie was born, so that’s what we’ve been calling her all along, but C recently decided she was Mimi.  So we’ll go with that, he runs the show, you know?)

Anyway, most of these pictures came from a night at my parents when Mo was learning to play the ukulele.  (I just had to google how to spell ukulele, which looking back is pretty dumb, but when have I ever had the occasion to type the word ukulele before?  And now I’ve used it three times, go figure.)  Learning to play that instrument because if ever there was a useful marketable skill to have, playing the ukulele would be it.  Umm, anyway, I thought it was pretty cool.  Charlie really just liked the mouse he was walking around clicking away.  Toddlers are funny. 

You get random today.  New words he’s said lately: goat, soup (stoup, he’s a little Rachel Ray fan apparently), honk, duck, most of the color words- most recently green and white, yum, yay, and several people’s names.  Oh and rain, which I am counting twice because he says that for both actual rain and for raisins.  🙂

Original Ink Illustration - Series of 3 Red Umbrellas

found here


Its been a while since I posted some instagramers, and that’s how I’ve been taking most of my pictures lately:
Out to dinner with my boys
Dinner at Red Robin

Little Charlie, big store #runawayfrommom #lastminuteshopping
A little last minute Christmas shopping at the Depot.

One of Charlie’s new Christmas presents.

Funny guys
Funny boys.

Sunrise on the last day of the year #nofilter
The sky as I was leaving work at 7am on Dec 31st.

Over the river and through the woods to Mimi's house we go Poor Kelly!
Riding to Mimi’s / torturing the dog

upload upload
Train riding after naptime / we watched the sun set

Pot of soup for this January day Making some "soup"... And it appears to be goat and citrus.
I made a pot of stew on a cold January day / so did Charlie (his was goat and citrus)

Blowing bubbles
blowing bubbles

There's a daddy in that fish tank.

at Marbles Children’s Museum

Milk from a big boy cup.  #mommyvictory
Milk from a big boy cup (unfortunately, he hasn’t continued to do this, so it was a short lived victory)

Our second children's museum this week... That's what a rainy week will do for ya
Another day, another children’s museum

I love snow... Unless it makes for a stressful drive to work tomorrow, then I won't be such a fan.
we got snow!

Brandon and Charlie want a set of these blocks for home #foamtrain #myhusbandisawesome upload
Charlie can take play very seriously sometimes / Brandon never does 🙂

the end of Christmas…

Last of the Christmas photos, I swear.

Sometimes Santa comes when you least expect it (like while you’re taking a nap), so you don’t have your cute Christmas pajamas on for Santa photos. In fact, sometimes you don’t even have on pants.

Until your mommy realizes photos are being taken, and slowly tries to get you dressed (while not taking you away from the new pile of toys- because that would be impossible).



Daddy needed some coffee to get through his second Christmas morning in one day.


Not completely relevant, but it looks like he is using the chalk as a spear. Sigh, boys. 🙂





Never ending cookie platter.

IMG_1014.jpg IMG_1023.jpg IMG_1024.jpg
Trying on mommy’s new boots.

IMG_1028.jpg IMG_1047.jpg


I tried and tried to get a shot with that beautiful bokeh in the background; this was the best I could do. Maybe next year!

Christmas morning

Yup, I’m posting my Christmas pictures Jan. 11, true to my inner procrastinator.  I may have missed Christmas morning (working a split shift), but Brandon took enough photos that I feel like I was there! You all can too, here you go:

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage3

And some of my favorites:


Charlie loves my cousins, but they don’t all share that feeling.



(these picture makes me smile)


(I don’t know why there is a toilet wand in the background here. Some sort of joke? hopefully. The downside to not being there…)

Christmas joy!













That’s it… my favorites of the 500+ pictures B took on Christmas morning.  Looks like it was all about Charlie, not that that’s surprising!