Its been a while since I posted some instagramers, and that’s how I’ve been taking most of my pictures lately:
Out to dinner with my boys
Dinner at Red Robin

Little Charlie, big store #runawayfrommom #lastminuteshopping
A little last minute Christmas shopping at the Depot.

One of Charlie’s new Christmas presents.

Funny guys
Funny boys.

Sunrise on the last day of the year #nofilter
The sky as I was leaving work at 7am on Dec 31st.

Over the river and through the woods to Mimi's house we go Poor Kelly!
Riding to Mimi’s / torturing the dog

upload upload
Train riding after naptime / we watched the sun set

Pot of soup for this January day Making some "soup"... And it appears to be goat and citrus.
I made a pot of stew on a cold January day / so did Charlie (his was goat and citrus)

Blowing bubbles
blowing bubbles

There's a daddy in that fish tank.

at Marbles Children’s Museum

Milk from a big boy cup.  #mommyvictory
Milk from a big boy cup (unfortunately, he hasn’t continued to do this, so it was a short lived victory)

Our second children's museum this week... That's what a rainy week will do for ya
Another day, another children’s museum

I love snow... Unless it makes for a stressful drive to work tomorrow, then I won't be such a fan.
we got snow!

Brandon and Charlie want a set of these blocks for home #foamtrain #myhusbandisawesome upload
Charlie can take play very seriously sometimes / Brandon never does 🙂

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