February insta-style

Starbucks at 3 am... I may be able to handle night shift after all If C helps with dinner it will involve ketchup and syrup and things he can pull out of the fridge Ham. A brief and chilly walk this morning. Sometimes you just have to lay your head down, wherever you are. upload From yesterday's dusting of snow... #puffysnowsuitsarethebest The sweetest lil red nose.... #latergram Oh this crazy kid. I put text on this photo with an app called Over http://madewithOver.com Oh good, this restaurant serves my favorite- "O's" #puckerup Valentine's day craftiness He wouldn't walk in them.  #surelookedcutethough #latergram Cutie pie.  #frogieboots #whitagram Doing a little neighborhood watch apparently I like this one too In the windows display at lowes hardware.  #funfridaynight Boys working hard. I'm not so sure these mittens are a good idea, Mom. Mmmm, now where's my nook? upload Phone fascination.

I love anytime he is wearing his fur hat or peering through windows apparently.  My favorite though, is the B&W of Brandon and Charlie at the computer.  Or Charlie in the baseball outfit, I can’t decide. 

Mostly, I can’t believe February is over!  crazy.  Bring on March, I already have spring fever!


wish this was every day.



Family breakfast with a little movie watching thrown in.




Lots of playing (and some intense concentration).




Fort building/climbing.


Sleepy guy before naptime.


Mommy’s Valentine crafting during naptime. 


Cheerios at Five Guys for dinner.  (How he could choose Cheerios over French fries, I don’t know… )




A very splashy and fun bathtime.


Books.  Lots of books.  Then bedtime. 

(This is from the last day we all had at home together, which was a while ago…  It does make those days very special though, the fact that we don’t have too many of them.  I’m looking forward to three days off this week, just me and the little one!)

baseball photos

I have wanted to take some “18 month” photos of Charlie for the last couple of weeks, but between the yucky weather and the lack of pretty indoor spots for a photo session, I kept putting it off.  Well while we had some decent temperatures (and clear skies) on Thursday I dressed him in one of my favorite outfits and sat him on the steps in front of our house.  Not great, but better than nothing.  And the baseball outfit (from Nana and Brent) is really cute. 

If only he would pull some weeds while he was at it.


The drool on the chin, its a constant.

IMG_1396.jpgI love this, I think he was looking at a bug on the step, but doesn’t it look like he didn’t get picked for the team or something?

throwing stuff!

After I’d put my big camera away, I got these shots with my phone:

Sometimes you just have to lay your head down, wherever you are.


18 months

Charlie turned one and a half on Sunday!

At his 18 month appointment yesterday he weighed 21 lbs, 3 oz. (<5th percentile), and measured 31 cm (25th percentile).  Small, but growing steadily.

Funny guy
New frog boots we bought last week. They look really cute, but he wouldn’t take a step in them!

I put text on this photo with an app called Over http://madewithOver.com

Oh good, this restaurant serves my favorite- "O's" #puckerup
(at 5 guys for dinner, and he chose to eat Cheerios!)

Oh Charlie, at 18 months you are so fun!  I think I say that at every milestone, but it is so true!  We are having fun doing more activities together, and you actually understand the things we say and are able to communicate in return.  You know a lot of words and animal sounds and are starting to get people’s names down.  When we were driving home yesterday you said “Dada, vroom vroom” because he was driving.  And I think you were trying to be funny because you kept calling me Dada (probably because it made both Brandon and I laugh)! 

Your favorite book right now is “Little Blue Truck”- it’s quite cute when you help us do the “beep beep beep” and the animal noises and the “Honk!” of the big dump truck.  The other ones we have to read every night are quite random: a thanksgiving book, Goodnight Goon (which I think is technically a Halloween book) and Goodnight Moon (that one at least makes sense).  You know them all very well and can help with some of the words. 

Favorite “toys” are the same as ever.  You like any technology you can get your hands on: the “doune” (rhymes with phone), “putie” (computer) and “mote” (remote).  You also love your outside toys and fuss when we have to come in. 

Food is our biggest challenge: you have an sensitivity to dairy, you don’t generally like meats, vegetables or anything new, and you refuse to eat certain textures.  We are persistent though, and we will win you over!

Maybe not to pickles, but to other things, I think. 🙂

Love you Charlie!

Daddy & Charlie



Watching the game together, isn’t that sweet?

And of course I posted the “Flash” video last week, but here are some photos of him that same night:
A blur of constant motion: that pretty well sums him up these days.

Those eyes.


Eating ice cream and enjoying every last drop.

All done!

Lately when he finishes with something, he takes it into the kitchen and opens the cabinet where the trash can is.  This is sometimes very cute and helpful.  Other times, I go to throw something away and notice one of his dishes is in the trash!


I love my little superhero!

toddler things

As Charlie gets older, I have to say I’m having fun doing more “things” together.  He is getting to the point where he can focus for more than 3 seconds, so it is (sometimes) actually worth it to set up activities.  He loves his toys of course, and while I know there are many more days of racing trucks around the kitchen floor ahead of me, its always more fun to go somewhere different or pull out something he’s never seen before.  We’ve been to two children’s museums recently.  The one in Raleigh (Marbles) is ridiculous.  It made Brandon & I want to be kids again!  I think he will have even more fun if we take him back in a couple of years- they had plenty for the littles, but it seemed more geared toward preschool-school age kids.  The Alamance Children’s Museum is perfect- smaller, closer and there is something he can do in just about every station.  Its been perfect for these cold January days when we just need to get out of the house for a couple of hours!

Museum photos Museum photos

Museum photos Museum photos

We also went to the Natural Science Center in Greensboro over my mom’s winter break.  It was frigid, but we braved the cold for long enough to see some of the animals.  This alpaca was so funny… Charlie was a little scared though.  He also got to see otters (and some others) in person.  “Ott” was one of his first animal words, isn’t that random?



(He looks a little bored here, but I really think he liked it.)

And at home we have been getting a little crafty with chunky crayons, homemade play dough and pipe cleaners:
IMG_1117.jpg IMG_1267.jpg IMG_1231.jpg


Good (toddler) times.  And OK, its fun for mommy and daddy too.