18 months

Charlie turned one and a half on Sunday!

At his 18 month appointment yesterday he weighed 21 lbs, 3 oz. (<5th percentile), and measured 31 cm (25th percentile).  Small, but growing steadily.

Funny guy
New frog boots we bought last week. They look really cute, but he wouldn’t take a step in them!

I put text on this photo with an app called Over http://madewithOver.com

Oh good, this restaurant serves my favorite- "O's" #puckerup
(at 5 guys for dinner, and he chose to eat Cheerios!)

Oh Charlie, at 18 months you are so fun!  I think I say that at every milestone, but it is so true!  We are having fun doing more activities together, and you actually understand the things we say and are able to communicate in return.  You know a lot of words and animal sounds and are starting to get people’s names down.  When we were driving home yesterday you said “Dada, vroom vroom” because he was driving.  And I think you were trying to be funny because you kept calling me Dada (probably because it made both Brandon and I laugh)! 

Your favorite book right now is “Little Blue Truck”- it’s quite cute when you help us do the “beep beep beep” and the animal noises and the “Honk!” of the big dump truck.  The other ones we have to read every night are quite random: a thanksgiving book, Goodnight Goon (which I think is technically a Halloween book) and Goodnight Moon (that one at least makes sense).  You know them all very well and can help with some of the words. 

Favorite “toys” are the same as ever.  You like any technology you can get your hands on: the “doune” (rhymes with phone), “putie” (computer) and “mote” (remote).  You also love your outside toys and fuss when we have to come in. 

Food is our biggest challenge: you have an sensitivity to dairy, you don’t generally like meats, vegetables or anything new, and you refuse to eat certain textures.  We are persistent though, and we will win you over!

Maybe not to pickles, but to other things, I think. 🙂

Love you Charlie!


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