February insta-style

Starbucks at 3 am... I may be able to handle night shift after all If C helps with dinner it will involve ketchup and syrup and things he can pull out of the fridge Ham. A brief and chilly walk this morning. Sometimes you just have to lay your head down, wherever you are. upload From yesterday's dusting of snow... #puffysnowsuitsarethebest The sweetest lil red nose.... #latergram Oh this crazy kid. I put text on this photo with an app called Over http://madewithOver.com Oh good, this restaurant serves my favorite- "O's" #puckerup Valentine's day craftiness He wouldn't walk in them.  #surelookedcutethough #latergram Cutie pie.  #frogieboots #whitagram Doing a little neighborhood watch apparently I like this one too In the windows display at lowes hardware.  #funfridaynight Boys working hard. I'm not so sure these mittens are a good idea, Mom. Mmmm, now where's my nook? upload Phone fascination.

I love anytime he is wearing his fur hat or peering through windows apparently.  My favorite though, is the B&W of Brandon and Charlie at the computer.  Or Charlie in the baseball outfit, I can’t decide. 

Mostly, I can’t believe February is over!  crazy.  Bring on March, I already have spring fever!


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