blurb books and the museum

I am slowly making my way through pictures and blog posts from 2012 and turning it into a photo book (I’m planning to use blurb, anyone use that?  Its expensive but I like their layouts/flexibility better than the others.)  Its taking longer than I thought it would, I think I’ve only done two months so far… but the nice part is because of the blog I already have all of my photos in order and I don’t have to try to remember what the occassion was or try to write captions or anything… its all there.  I’m going to see how this works out and maybe I will go back and do previous years.  It would be so nice to have a “family yearbook” each year as our family grows, and realistically I know I’ll never have time to make actual albums again!

From a trip to the Children’s museum a few weeks ago (we were there for a birthday party- but the birthday girl had a melt down and left before we got a picture!):

IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1408.jpg





IMG_1425.jpg IMG_1427.jpg





Good times with the trains but C’s favorite thing by far is the John Deere tractor… see the picture of him standing at the gate and pining for it above! He doesn’t do sharing so well so it can be a bit of a battle to get him off once he has a turn!


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