Old phone pictures


Old phone pictures, a set on Flickr.

I uploaded all of the pictures from my old cell phone the other day. They came through in a completely random order (don’t know what that was about), but it was so much fun to look back through them. I realized a few things:
1. There is drool on Charlie’s shirt and/or chin in almost every single picture. Its ridiculous!
2. Those newborn pictures (especially a few weeks later when his hair started to fall out) barely look like him! Chunky, round face and hardly any hair… that’s not my C!
3. I miss the ringlets we had last summer- they were adorable. (He may get some curl back this summer with the humidity, but his hair is so much thicker now I think it will be wavy rather than ringlets).

Here’s a few of my favorites:




0818111905 0815111039







Happy Easter!  I showed a little preview of what we did for Easter with yesterday’s instagram pictures, but here’s some more. We dyed Easter eggs last week, just the three of us.
Easter eggs 2013

Easter eggs 2013 Easter eggs 2013
Easter eggs 2013 Easter eggs 2013
Easter eggs 2013
Easter eggs 2013
Easter eggs 2013
Easter eggs 2013

Easter eggs 2013 Easter eggs 2013

Charlie didn’t find it as fun as Mommy did.  He was mildly entertained for a few minutes, but the neighbor’s cat on our porch held his attention way longer.  He was annoyed when I wouldn’t let him stick his hand in the dye, but he did like gently placing tossing the eggs into the cups.  Brandon and I ended up doing most of the eggs after he had gone to bed.  An activity we will try again next year… or maybe two or three years from now??

Egg hunting was so much more successful! 

Easter 2013

Easter 2013
He concentrated!

Easter 2013
Look, found one! There wasn’t much hunting involved, they were pretty much just placed in the grass.

Easter 2013

Easter 2013
Easter 2013
After he discovered there were treats inside…

Easter 2013
This is our bunny cake fail. I love love love Charlie’s little finger in the icing.

Easter 2013
showing Aunt Mo how to work her phone.

After church Easter morning, he wasn’t thrilled about taking pictures.  (note to self: try to take pictures before your toddler has to sit still for an hour and half!  he was great though!)
Easter 2013

Easter 2013
his argyle sweater and hat were pretty adorable though.

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

and he the Bunny brought him some goodies.  So he made out pretty well for his troubles. 

Happy Easter!

March insta-style

If C helps with dinner it will involve ketchup and syrup and things he can pull out of the fridge So dramatic #fridaynightmeltdown
Toddler tunnel For the record I usually put Charlie in warm clothes.. He's shirt-less because his was red and black and the unc/Maryland game is on.  Brandon told me to find a different shirt!  #takingbballseriously #babyhugs
Late night with this party animal Untitled
Posing like a model. Little Charlie, big hill
Uncle Brian I'm just gonna sit on your kneecaps and mess up your phone, ok? "Again, again"
Random discarded packaging that sits in my dining room.  Plus he took my dish detergent to work for an idea... And didn't leave me any!  #lifewithacreativehubby Bye bye daddy!  He makes it hard to leave..
Happy st paddys day! We're both happy when daddy gets home.
Riding and playing trucks... Multitasker He's all business
Got out our Easter baskets and found this nested inside, of course!  The road goes on forever and the pink tulle never ends. #fridaydonutdate #dunkin
Dinner at southern roots and the George Strait concert with this handsome fella. Sitting in traffic and apparently pretending we're teenagers.
Wonderful date night with Martina and George. Wild angels... Baby, what else could it be?
Silly Biggest little fan
#eastereggs #latergram #bunnycakefail #littlehelpinghands @kamccart0927
#easteregghunt2013 #foundone Easter cuteness

The last one is my favorite I think.  The boy can sport a hat with some style!  These are all instagram repeats, so sorry for the doubles.  It’s fun to see everything we did for the month though!