April insta-style

Toddler workout Too cool.
Two days of shorts and he already has two skinned knees #chicksdigscars Hoping for lots of spring mornings like this: flip flops and coffee on the front porch
Sweet boy wanted to share his half eaten, slobbery cookies with mama. He was pining for the playground, standing at the gate with this look on his face but everything was wet.  #poorbaby
First trip to the dentist!  Charlie's take: the air gun is awesome, having someone look at your teeth is not. Lunch with daddy. #bigboy
spent the evening in the ED, yuck.  But so so thankful he's just fine!  Blessed. Looks uncomfortable to me..
#treehugger Barnes & noble on this cold morning.  Books, coffee and trains- we're both happy.
Monkey Buddy, you have some growing to do..
#goodstudent #cousins
Maybe my fave picture from our weekend in SC.  Life with a toddler. It takes concentration to climb up the slide while holding your trucks.
I love a bath time hairdo.  And his face.

So I’ve been absent around here for a while.  Life has been busy!  April included our first trip to the dentist and our first trip to the emergency department (eep!  just glad everything is a-ok).  Fortunately April also included lots of sunshine, outdoor playtime, and an awesome trip to SC to visit Nana and cousins.  I’m hopeful that May will bring even more sunshine and (please!) fewer colds/allergies/constant runny noses.

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