May insta-style

Hurry up 16, I'm ready. Parking garage or potty?  #lifewithatoddler
Proof that he loved this mornings donut date #chocolatestache Had to sneak in and capture this.
How I adore those curls. Untitled
Untitled upload
Need for speed, and a Mickey helmet.  That's a good way to end the weekend. Happy pink and yellow cruiser... Happy Mother's Day indeed!
My little adventurer "I pay (play) hoops!"
Watching the big kids.  He desperately needs a haircut, but I can't bring myself to cut those curls.. "Charlie goop (scoop) it". Except goop is more like it.  #messylunch
That's what I'm talking about.  He doesn't feel the same way about the vacuum, or is have it made!  You'll find me relaxing on the porch #littlehelper Pizza with these guys at the pool.  The perfect evening!
That's a lot of berries. If we needed more proof daddy is more fun than mommy.
And one with mommy, who holds his hand instead of tossing him into the air.  Daddy is way cooler. Love this kid.
Fearless!  I'm in trouble... Snack in the shade.  It's a rough life.

May was donuts, graduation, strawberries, and more than one picture of my feet (for which I apologize!)  May was good.  I’m surprised looking back on these photos at the long sleeves, long pants and jackets.  I already feel like its been hot forever!  We are spending a lot of time outside/at the pool lately, which makes us all a little happier I think.  Just need to find Charlie some water shoes so the pool deck will quit beating up his feet!  (We tried teaching him to “march” instead of walking, but as soon as he gets excited he breaks into a run, and as a result he’s had a constantly scabbed toe since the pool opened!  Poor kiddo.)  That’s about it for May… can’t believe the year is flying by.  (I say that every month!)



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