baby #2

Sun Mar 24th- We found out the best news today! I knew it was true, but the test on Friday was negative (my secret plan: we had an awesome date night planned for Saturday, so I thought it would be fun to find out and tell Brandon then). Didn’t work out quite the way I had planned; instead we found out together on Sunday. The test came back with two lines (!) but one of them was really faint… so I ran downstairs and dragged B up- did he see two lines? (maybe). So even though Brandon makes fun of those digital tests (“It’s something you pee on!”), we got one, and a final answer of “pregnant”! So so excited to add a little one to our family.

Tues. Mar 26th- Blood test this morning to confirm what we already knew to be true! Even more excited now.
Waiting room
{Charlie occupied himself with my phone while we waited}

mid-April- We went in for first appointment (which is basically, “let me draw a whole bunch of blood” and also “how do you plan to pay for this?”  not the most fun visit.)  I am feeling a little more nauseous with this pregnancy (Charlie definitely spoiled me, I was hardly ever sick when I was pregnant with him).  And for whatever reason the nausea hits in the evening and dinnertime is the worst.  Brandon has to handle Charlie, because his food = eww.  And even days when I’m home I don’t really feel like cooking, so we have soup or grilled cheese for way more dinners than I would care to admit.  Brandon’s a champ. 

Sat. April 27- We went to South Carolina for the weekend and told Brandon’s family our big news.  On the way we stopped at the outlets and picked up this really cute “Big Brother” shift for Charlie to wear.  He was adorable, not that I’m biased or anything

Sun April 28th- We stopped by my parents on our way back to tell them- in the same way, we had Charlie put on his cute shirt.  My mom said she already knew!  Which I sort of figured, because I can only not drink wine at so many family meals before its obvious 🙂

Thurs May 2nd- I’m sort of forced into telling a few people at work because I needed help during a difficult day.  (Stupid x-rays, really.)

Tues May 7th- Our first true OB appointment.  It’s actually a CNM appt; we are seeing the same midwife who delivered Charlie.  She is part of an MD practice, but I liked seeing the same person throughout my pregnancy and then having her deliver the baby too.  She is really encouraging.  This visit we actually saw a different midwife but it was perfect, I went in sort of dragging (tired and tired of feeling sick) but left feeling like “this is the worst of it, it should gelt better from here!”  (Which of course is a total lie and I know that- 7 months from now, that’s the worst part!)
More hanging out in waiting rooms
{more occupying Charlie in the waiting room, at least we had Daddy too this time}

May 31st- We posted a cute video of Charlie that Brandon edited to tell our “big news” on facebook last night, and woke up to a ton of congratulations messages.  (That’s why facebook is awesome).  It somehow feels more real when everyone knows.  Plus I’m starting to show, wearing my maternity clothes a little bit even, so it was about time! 

Here’s the video:


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