June insta-style

Charlie cheering at the race this afternoon. Our supervisor as we sand/scrape the front porch.
He looks thrilled with the medal, no? He's desperate to get in.
Postal service concert with @kamccart0927 tonight.  Baby rocked out. Charlie catching a ride with his neighbor buddy.
Finally fell asleep at midnight for Mimi.  Not that she's smug or anything My boys.  Charlie did great on a 4 mile hike this morning.  #nowitsnaptime
So grateful for this wonderful daddy and the example he sets for our little man. #mountainmornings
I like it here #rockymountainnationalpark upload
He's a wild man, until he crashes. My little tsa officer- he's a travel champ.
We made it. Grateful to be home, but so missing this.  And my nonny.  #latergram
Charlie looks like he's about to fall asleep... "No cute", he says.  I disagree.
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Playground fun More from the playground, crazy kid

June features a lot of pictures of Charlie sleeping or looking sleepy… what can I say, one big trip to Colorado apparently wore both of us out for a while?  We had a lot of fun seeing family and looking back I really miss the cool/no humidity.  (We were even cold sometimes!  Charlie wore fuzzy, footie pajamas!  We saw snow in June!  Cold seems like a distant memory now.)  We also saw Brandon’s aunt and went to a few awesome playgrounds… that sums up our June!