pool time

Charlie and I have logged some serious pool time this summer.  He loves it, and he has gotten very brave- to the point where he almost scares me!  He will put his face in and blow bubbles, run around the shallow area by himself and jump off the side… In his excitement, he sometimes doesn’t make sure he is all the way to the edge of the pool before jumping which is the part that makes me most nervous!  But I love that he loves the water, and I’m not sure what we are going to do with our mornings this fall.  Next summer we will have to do swim lessons for sure, but for these few months our play time at the pool was awesome. 



He has a love-hate relationship with the fountain things at the pool. Sometimes he loves to get close to them (or push me into the spray!) but he will only run through if the sprinkler is off.







It’s almost too cold now, but I hope we can get up there a few more times at least! I will go through withdrawl come September.


Colorado- part 2

Mountain mornings- little Charlie in a big bed.

Untitled Untitled

More mini golf.

I don’t know why but that photo makes me laugh. Goof ball.

Untitled Untitled

We drove over Trail Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park on our way back to Longmont. Charlie was not impressed with the scenery and wildlife, but Brandon and I were!


Untitled Untitled
Above tree line.


DSCN2836.jpg DSCN2839.jpg



Fun in the dirty snow.


Untitled Untitled
What Charlie did while the rest of the family chatted- cleaned the hot tub, until he almost fell in. And then he crumped once we got in the car.

Bye Colorado! We sure miss you.

Colorado- part 1

A trip to CO back in June was our big summer vacation this year. We had hoped to get to the beach with Charlie, at least for a long weekend, but that never quite worked out. Maybe for the best as he’s not so fond of the sand!

Colorado was awesome. Getting there was not (4 hour storm delay, and killing that time in our tiny local airport? toddler who was so overtired and overstimulated he had a meltdown on the plane and cried his way across the flyover states? waiting at the rental car place at 1 am with said cranky toddler? NOT awesome.)

Untitled Untitled
airport waiting, on both ends of our flight

But Colorado is so beautiful, and it is always wonderful to see aunts, uncles, cousins and my Nonny (!) who we never get to see enough of. My aunt and uncle have a beautiful mountain house and they generously let us stay there for several days- peaceful, relaxing and absolutely gorgeous! We even braved a short hike with C in the backpack.


Nonny hugs for my little guy, oh so sweet.


Untitled DSCN2702.jpg


Untitled DSCN2722.jpg

DSCN2724.jpg DSCN2740.jpg

my new fave family photo- Charlie looks like he’s saying, “Smile for the camera, nailed it!”


Not everyone loved canoeing. (And Daddy was doing all of the hard work- he didn’t even have to paddle! Or lazily pretend to paddle while actually taking pictures, like I did.)




He was much happier on land… but the rest of us had fun! Can’t thank my aunt and uncle enough for all they did.

Father’s Day

(This is only two months late, ha!  But the pictures of the two of them are too cute not to share!!)

Apparently we have a little tradition of being in Colorado for Father’s Day… and I’ve got to say its a good one! Lots more pictures from CO, but I wanted to post a few of C and his daddy. Brandon, if you’re reading this, Charlie and I (and new baby) are so lucky to have you. You are beyond wonderful with Charlie and such a supportive husband- we love you!


DSCN2709.jpg Untitled DSCN2756.jpg
DSCN2712.jpg DSCN2713.jpg
yup, he jumped over the creek with Charlie on his back…







That face on the last one- he cracks me up.  Sweet daddy & me moments from our trip.  And on second thought, playing minature golf on Father’s Day might be a more sustainable tradition than traveling to Colorado every year.

Chatty Charlie

I’ve got a ton of pictures I want to post from this summer.  I have vacation pictures, cute Father’s day pics, pictures with Nana and cousins, pool pictures, and of course birthday pictures from last weekend!  But in the meantime, if I don’t write down some of the cute things he has been saying lately, I’m going to forget. 

He’s getting better at counting but you never know what to expect.  Especially if he’s excited- maybe he’ll count one, two, three and then jump and sometimes it will “two, three, eight, TEN!”  You just never know.   

We were out running errands the other day; we had been gone quite awhile but we were almost done.  All of a sudden from the backseat he calls out, “Let’s get Charlie a donut!”  I felt the same way, so how could I turn him down? 

He got a train table for his birthday and my brother gave him a ‘talking Charlie’ train.  My Charlie will mimic the train when it says, “I’m cheeky Charlie!”  He says, “I cheeky Charlie!” and then he laughs, because we always laugh 🙂

At bedtime, Brandon says “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” and Charlie will shake his head and say “No ‘squito bites!”  (It has been a bad summer for mosquitos!)

He memorized a line from the book Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site: “Excavators shape the land”.  He sounds super knowledgable as he throws that out when we’re passing a construction site!

When things aren’t going quite right he says “Oh man,” or my personal favorite, “Oh my cheeses,”  He’s saying Jesus (oops) but he doesn’t have that ‘G’ sound down yet, so it definitely sounds like “cheeses”.  I’ll just keep hoping he forgets about that one before his language development catches up! 

What’s a post without a picture?  He wore his rain boots for the first time yesterday and they were huge; he was tripping around in them, but he loved playing in the puddles!  And he wore them with shorts and a jacket, which is just fabulous.