Chatty Charlie

I’ve got a ton of pictures I want to post from this summer.  I have vacation pictures, cute Father’s day pics, pictures with Nana and cousins, pool pictures, and of course birthday pictures from last weekend!  But in the meantime, if I don’t write down some of the cute things he has been saying lately, I’m going to forget. 

He’s getting better at counting but you never know what to expect.  Especially if he’s excited- maybe he’ll count one, two, three and then jump and sometimes it will “two, three, eight, TEN!”  You just never know.   

We were out running errands the other day; we had been gone quite awhile but we were almost done.  All of a sudden from the backseat he calls out, “Let’s get Charlie a donut!”  I felt the same way, so how could I turn him down? 

He got a train table for his birthday and my brother gave him a ‘talking Charlie’ train.  My Charlie will mimic the train when it says, “I’m cheeky Charlie!”  He says, “I cheeky Charlie!” and then he laughs, because we always laugh 🙂

At bedtime, Brandon says “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” and Charlie will shake his head and say “No ‘squito bites!”  (It has been a bad summer for mosquitos!)

He memorized a line from the book Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site: “Excavators shape the land”.  He sounds super knowledgable as he throws that out when we’re passing a construction site!

When things aren’t going quite right he says “Oh man,” or my personal favorite, “Oh my cheeses,”  He’s saying Jesus (oops) but he doesn’t have that ‘G’ sound down yet, so it definitely sounds like “cheeses”.  I’ll just keep hoping he forgets about that one before his language development catches up! 

What’s a post without a picture?  He wore his rain boots for the first time yesterday and they were huge; he was tripping around in them, but he loved playing in the puddles!  And he wore them with shorts and a jacket, which is just fabulous. 


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