Colorado- part 1

A trip to CO back in June was our big summer vacation this year. We had hoped to get to the beach with Charlie, at least for a long weekend, but that never quite worked out. Maybe for the best as he’s not so fond of the sand!

Colorado was awesome. Getting there was not (4 hour storm delay, and killing that time in our tiny local airport? toddler who was so overtired and overstimulated he had a meltdown on the plane and cried his way across the flyover states? waiting at the rental car place at 1 am with said cranky toddler? NOT awesome.)

Untitled Untitled
airport waiting, on both ends of our flight

But Colorado is so beautiful, and it is always wonderful to see aunts, uncles, cousins and my Nonny (!) who we never get to see enough of. My aunt and uncle have a beautiful mountain house and they generously let us stay there for several days- peaceful, relaxing and absolutely gorgeous! We even braved a short hike with C in the backpack.


Nonny hugs for my little guy, oh so sweet.


Untitled DSCN2702.jpg


Untitled DSCN2722.jpg

DSCN2724.jpg DSCN2740.jpg

my new fave family photo- Charlie looks like he’s saying, “Smile for the camera, nailed it!”


Not everyone loved canoeing. (And Daddy was doing all of the hard work- he didn’t even have to paddle! Or lazily pretend to paddle while actually taking pictures, like I did.)




He was much happier on land… but the rest of us had fun! Can’t thank my aunt and uncle enough for all they did.


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